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Commercial Finance's Biggest Player

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Loans are being granted day after day which most qualified underwriters would not dream of doing so. All for the Biggest Players in the market and it has to make you stop and think, If the majority of business is done by the smaller firms in the United States and Canada, how is it right that the leniency is not the for the "little guy" but is obviously there for the major corporations?

Listen to the radio and you will hear it every day...Big Business is getting billions of dollars in relief funds to help carry them through the rough times we are having now, and how often do you hear about the small business owner given these bailout loans? Never.

His own employees have all but quit because he has had to reduce hours, reduce wages, take more loans from family and friends because the bank will not even talk to him and currency exchange rates have caused major losses all the while he is at home watching the 10 year old 20 JVC tv at 6:00 and he sees that the big guys are all lined up at parliaments door on the look out for money.

You have to ask yourself, where will it end? What will it take to let the Big Players feel the same pain as the little guy? Unfortunately, I do not have the answer. All I have is questions. We are not on the look out for someone to come solve our problems, but what does a person have to do to catch a break these days?

Most understand that letting the Big Players will collapse the economy very quickly, but letting the little guys go down one by one will have the same affect, it will just be a more drawn out pain than a quick hit. Kind of like cutting your foot off yourself really slowly using a dull and rusty piece of steel vs. just lopping it off with a sharp axe in one shot. Both are really painful, but and no one wants either choice, but if it has to happen, the quicker the better (interesting analogy isnt it?)

He thinks perhaps I should fly my private jet there and ask them for money too, but the realizes, he has not jet and no prayer of getting anything for his efforts. So why are the Big Players being let off the hook for mismanagement of their firms and the downturn of the economic times and he can not.

As seen in the NY Times: The Obama administration deliberately stopped short of securing a majority or controlling interest in Citigroup, but will probably come under intense pressure to take a much larger role in shaping the banks direction. Taxpayers, after pumping more than $45 billion into the bank, have become Citigroups single largest shareholder. The government will not put in any additional money for now, but some analysts believe Citigroup may require more down the road.

The move is one of the most drastic steps federal officials have taken to prevent the collapse of an institution deemed too big too fail, as its downfall could send shockwaves through the global markets. The government also took a major ownership stake in the American International Group, and seized control of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September. So far, none of those deals have turned out well.

Fortunately, for the politicians, this topic will be discussed for years to come, so there is job security for them at the least. Have we learned anything from this detestation? I certainly hope so. Question is, what did we learn and how can we do things differently to not repeat the same mistakes?

More conservative banks. And what will that cause? More difficult finance options for businesses. Fortunately there are options. Commercial Finance Brokers still have options and much better ones at that, than the banks have or ever had.

If the time comes and your business needs funding and all you ever hear from the banks is no, or you just get tired of waiting for weeks and months for a credit decision, talk to a Commercial Finance Broker about Accounts Receivable Factoring, Purchase Order Finance, Export Finance, Commercial Equipment Loans, Commercial Mortgage or a Line of Credit. Things will pick up soon, and if they do, don't even kid yourself that you bank is going to be there to help you. If those big orders start coming in, and you have exhausted the Credit Line you have since it has been reduced down to the point that you can not take on any more business, get online and find a Commercial Finance Broker right away.

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