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Drafting Table Deals

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Structurally they are not complicated, having few joints, but which are nevertheless quite stable. Solid wood tables are often not adjustable, but the more modern styles are fully adjustable for height, table top angle and many have additional accessories such as lamps, storage areas and guides.

With all of this history behind them, it is no wonder that antique drafting tables remain highly popular today. If the history of the desk can be traced and documented, the value goes up dramatically. Many people truly enjoy working at a table with so much incredible history behind it. The fact that these older desks were so sturdy and well built, means that they are often passed down within families from one generation to the next.

Finding a quality drafting table to suit your needs can make a huge difference in the quality of your work. You want to go with something that is comfortable, easy to adjust to, and fits with how you need to use it. Here are 5 different drafting tables to consider if looking on the market.

Wood drafting tables are the traditional and contemporary design that people think of. There are many different brands and kinds of wood that are used to create these tables giving you a number of different choices. Another option is to have these tables custom built for you so that you can have a mounting system for your computer. The sky is the limit with wood tables.

Drafting tables are wide, broad tables that the top tilts so that the worker can work at a comfortable table. A drafting table is taller than a regular table. The drafting table needs to be at a level where you can set on a stool or stand and work comfortably. Drafting tables are fully adjustable so that it is your choice to either stand or sit to work. The table top will tilt vertically to horizontally

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