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All About Pink Laptops

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Pink is a soft and famine color. It is one of the favorite colors for women. Everything in pink is usually easier to catch women's attention. That's why many laptop manufacturing firms, such as Sony, Dell, and Asus are shading their laptops in pink to attract more female buyers. And this has proven to be effective. Compare to the old days if laptops are only available in the dull gray and black colors, women today are much luckier to have the chance to choose the laptop color that they like -- pink.

There are a few factors that cause the popularity of pink laptop. First, it is stylish and it arouses female sentiments. Second, pink laptops provide top performance quality in addition to good looks. So it is not surprising to see most female buyers choose to go for pink laptops instead of the dull gray or black colors laptop.

Dell is a brand that you can always count on if you are on the look out for pink color laptops with good features and performance. Almost all laptop models from Dell, ranging from the budget laptops (Inspiron) to the high-end product line (XPS), are available in pink. All of them get great review rating from the pros and are equally stylish. Dell's popular pink laptops consist of the XPS line, Studio line, Inspiron line, and the newly launched E-class Latitude. Each of these product lines are designed specially to fulfill different requirements from customers. If lightness, portability, and high-end performance are important for you, the XPS line delivers exactly what you need; and if cost is your main concern, the Inspiron line offers a starting price of as low as $499, and still delivers descent performance. The Studio line is a moderate range laptop which sits between the Inspiron and XPS, while the E-class Latitude is a business laptop that's designed for professionals.

Sony is another brand that offer a few variety of pink color options for their VAIO laptop: the CR Series in Glossy Cosmopolitan Pink, the SR Series in Glossy or Sunset Pink, the TZ Series in Luxurious Rose Pink, the VGN-C290 CTO Series in Blush Pink, and the NR Series in Textured Cherry Blossom Pink. Compared to Dell, the Sony VAIO laptops tend to be pricier, but they also come with really stylish design, high portability and performance. Also, it is worth mentioning that if you order a VAIO laptop from Sony's official website, you can personalize the laptop by adding engraving to the laptop, free of charge!

Other than Sony and Dell which are the 2 most popular laptop brands that make stylish and great performing pink laptops, there are some firms that release limited edition of pink laptops on special occasions, such as Valentine's day and Breast Cancer Awareness month. For instance, MSI, a Taiwan laptop manufacturer, has recently released a Valentine Edition of Wind U100 mini laptop (aka netbook). Having one of these special edition pink laptops is cool because you can show it off to your friends. But a limited edition pink laptop is usually hard to get, unless you act fast upon the release.

A new laptop categories, quickly gaining popularity last year, is the netbook. It's a low-cost, small-sized, light weight, and lean function mini laptop that is optimized for Internet access and core computing functions. Due to it is light-weight and compact size, women tend to favor a netbook over a full-size laptop if their main usage for the machine are mostly light-weight processing. The good thing about netbook is, most of them are available in pink. Acer Aspire One, Asus Eee PC, Dell Inspiron Mini, just to name a few, all comes with great performance and shiny pink color. So if web surfing, word processing, and other core computing functions are all you need, a pink netbook would be perfect for you.

Although pink laptops are so popular now, there are still some laptop brands that are not available in pink. But no worries, there are firms that will customize the color for you. Colorware, Inc. for example offers customized color on laptops and a variety of other devices. You can buy your laptop directly from them or send in one you already own for customization. Alternatively, another company called Gen-X-PC will match any PMS (Pantone) or Hex color and you get a choice of 4 different finishes " solid, metallic, pearl or color shift. For a less expensive way, you could just apply pink laptop skin on your machine. Many laptop skins with really cool design and low price can easily change the look of laptop to be more attractive.

Pink laptops have caused quite a sensation. It consistently outsell their counterparts and is predicted to keep gaining popularity. We believe that more choices of pink color laptops are coming our way this year!

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