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Finding The Right Online Data Backup Service

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Data backup is essentially the process of making a copy of your data stored in a separate media, which can include a disk drive, a tape drive, and in the case of online data backup, a service provider's website. Stored data is the key to loss prevention, and online data backup can take this one step further, by providing a virtual, as opposed to a physical storage solution. There are different types, in addition to different types of access, but in general, most require you to purchase service provider software.

To access data that you have stored on your online backup service provider, you will usually need to purchase client software. If you are primarily a home user, it makes sense to choose client software, rather than logging onto a website every time that you want to access data. If you are primarily a mobile user, however, then a website login makes more sense than client software for obvious reasons.

There are several different types of online data backup including: Permanent storage, which allows you to have access to an unlimited amount of data backup space. Storage length varies for this type, depending on your service provider. Some only preserve data for thirty days, while others have different terms, which is why it is a good idea to research your options before you decide. Multi-computer storage, which exists in only a few services. Most allow only one account, or computer, but multi computer backup is very useful for people who want to use more than one computer to upload and access data. Real-Time Backup: This means that as soon as you create or modify a file, it will be added to the backup copy of your data. Some real time data backup is instant, while others take between 12-24 hours. Automatic Backup: This kind of online backup occurs at set intervals and backs up selected files. This is a good option for people who store large amounts of data on their computers, but who often forget to manually backup their data.

If researching the best kind of online data backup for you, take into account your access and storage needs, in addition to your personal preferences. Compare several different services side-by-side to be certain that you are getting the best deal.

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