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How To Make Your Own Homebrew

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Every one loves beer right? That's a given, but, does everyone know how to make beer at home? Well more to the point, does everyone want to even get into making beer at home for fear of screwing the whole process up? There are so many kinds of beer you can make, that it might be worth a try.

A lot of people figure making beer is a pain in the patootie, and well really, I suppose anything you have to make for yourself has the potential to be a real disaster, including making beer at home. In any case, having said that, making beer is likely one of the easier things you will ever attempt if you are going to make a go of home brewing.

Not everyone will thrill to the challenge of making beer at home. So if you aren't sure this is what you want to do, then don't spend big bucks on a home beer making kit. Get a cheaper version and give it a try first and then if you like the idea, and the beer actually tastes like beer and not some as yet unnamed poisonous liquid, go for a better kit.

Making beer at home is a nice cheap way to provide "brewskis" for home entertainment and for gifts. In any case, remember this one golden rule: "Read the instructions carefully and don't experiment." Trying to guess what you need to do next won't cut it. If you don't think you can sit still long enough to read the kit information, then let your wife take care of it.

For about $60 to $200 you can get a really good home brewing kit for making beer at home. If you're not certain you will really wind up getting into the swing of things, then just stick with the lower end kit and give it a try. You can always expand your home brewing venture later once you have the hang of making good beer that actually tastes like beer, and not something you can't really describe in polite company.

Really, all you need on hand to make home brewed beer is four things. Make sure they are the best you can get, and the whole process will be really smooth. Here is what you need: filtered water, malted barley, hops and yeast. There are lots of places to get these ingredients, and in fact, you can likely get them at the store that sold you the beer making kit. Some kits come with enough ingredients in them to make one batch.

Once you have finished boiling all your ingredients according to the recipe you are following, take the mixture, called wort, and pour it into the fermenter. Once it is safe in the fermenter, leave it there until it cools down prior to adding your fermenting ingredient, yeast.

The cool liquid you have in the fermenter is now ready for the yeast to be added. Once you have done that, airlock the opening and leave the whole batch alone to ferment. No peeking. In about ten days the yeast will have eaten the sugar in the mixture and it will wind up on the bottom of the fermenter. Bottle and leave it to mature for about 14 days.

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