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Live From 100 Million B.C.! Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience

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Exhibits of prehistoric bones, assembled into the massive skeletons of creatures who walked the Earth millions of years ago, have intrigued and entranced hosts of museum visitors for at least a couple of centuries. Children and adults alike find a unique fascination with these almost mythical beasts. Now, Walking With Dinosaurs brings them to life in a way that has never been possible before.

In this incredible show, the minds and hands of scientists, artists and technological wizards have collaborated to bring us, literally, the Biggest Show on Earth! Inspired by the highly acclaimed and hugely successful series produced by the BBC some years ago, this production has reached heights only imagined before. The 'virtual reality' of the spectacle is unmatched, and kudos go to designers Sonny Tilder and Trevor Tighe, among countless other contributors.

A narrator in safari clothes strolls here and there among the great beasts during the "educational" part of the show, explaining a little about each of the stars. These range in size from knee-high to a narrator all the way up to three stories high. Each has their particular survival apparatus in place - some eat plants and wear armor, some have no special protection, but extremely large teeth. The names given by paleontologists are certainly a mouthful, and not too many folks will be able to spell them correctly. In any case, just about every child knows about T. Rex, (Tyrannosaurus) and others, like Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus are fairly manageable.

Walking With Dinosaurs is close enough to a "live" experience to scare the heck out of the more timid among the audience, but for the most part the response tends to be "Oh! Wow!" instead of "Eek!" These prodigious creations are a mix of aminatronics and man-powers, and all of them move with startling and amazingly realistic agility. Mind you, these are not lightweights. The bigger ones lumber around the stage like . . . well, like dinosaurs! Some of the smaller ones run and pivot and dodge, demonstrating the qualities that helped them survive in the prehistoric landscape.

Walking With Dinosaurs truly brings this long gone era of the planet's history to life. It is almost beyond our capacity to imagine that for something like 200 million years (well, maybe only 165 million or so) the creatures were the dominant form of life on Earth. They only became extinct a mere 65 million years ago! It is utterly fascinating to watch the re-creation of their lives; how they attacked and defended, how they raised their families, and oh, how they roared!

Some of the Walking With Dinosaurs spectacle is even interactive, with a pair of brachiosauruses craning their necks out over the audience. (You could do that too, if your neck were 30 feet long!) The battle between a tyrannosaurus mama and the predator who would like to eat her babies is a fearsome sight to behold (and ear-splitting to hear!) In any case, some of the other behavior exhibited is downright comical, and there's even a bit of "potty humor" - always a crowd pleaser, of course.

Walking With Dinosaurs combines many years of accumulated scientific research and discovery with the truly impressive technology now available, in addition to consummate artistry on the part of the producers; it is, to be concise, HUGE! You and the kids will undoubtedly learn some very interesting facts about the lives of the dinosaurs, but though you'll be educated, you'll also be thrilled. Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience is one you don't want to miss!

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