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Tango Dance Steps-A Hot Sultry Dance

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The tango is a hot, sultry dance full of strutting proud men and softly flowing women. There is a continuous movement similar to other ballroom dances, but there can also be quick flicks and strong, jerky head movements.

If learning tango dance steps it is quite interesting to observe that the facial expressions are an integral part of the tango. A good tango dancer must maintain a dignified, proud bearing through the dance.

Tango began in the melting pot that was 1880's Buenos Aires. Here the combination of African, Indian, Spanish and Eastern European cultures joined together to create a wildly emotional dance. Some say that it represents a dance of courtship in an era if men vied for the attention of scarce, marriageable women. The man is the dominant figure, while the woman is more yielding and soft. Hence the red clothes usually worn by the ladies of the dance and the austere black formal clothes of the men.

The Spanish influences can be heard in the music which is a mixture of rhythm and melody. Sometimes fast paced and every so often slow. Upper body movements are structured and refined with pointing hands and stiff heads. Most of the time the upper body does not move while the legs perform a frenetic routine of their own. Then the upper body becomes fluid, both dancers entwine as the male and female elements engage in their own conversation.

As the dance itself gained popularity it was cleaned up into a milder version and exported, first to France in the early 1900s and then to America. Much of the original, passionate emotion which first filled the dance was lost. There are no longer the lust-filled gazes and women draped provocatively across the men. Although some of it still remains, it has now been incorporated into the popular culture for a mass audience.

Man and woman partners work around the dance floor in a usually counterclockwise way. They can have forward and backward movements which are accentuated by firm foot steps. The man's role is that of brooding dominance. He is angry with the woman and is trying to control her. They kick their feet out to the sides as they in turns, argue then make up.

Tango costumes are sparkly sequined affairs for the ladies. Plenty of red outfits and dark colors. The dresses are very fitted with cut-away sections and the skirts can be short and cut away. The short skirts show off the leg kicks and quick feet turns. Men wear fitted, formal clothes in dark colors. Sometimes one piece with a subtle sparkle on the sides. The clothes and dance movements emphasise the emotion in the dance and it can be very intense to learn tango dance steps.

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