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Ways To Remove Graffiti

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Removing graffiti usually entails using paint thinner or turpentine as a removal substance. The kind of substance that you use to remove graffiti depends on the extent of the graffiti in addition to the paint or product that was used to create the graffiti in the first place. Graffiti is usually created with the use of spray paint. If the damage is extensive, you might have to hire a professional who will use spray chemicals to remove the graffiti damage.

It is not uncommon for a city to have a dedicated graffiti removal crew who try to keep the streets as clean as they can from graffiti. This includes the painting over of offending areas in addition to attempting to clean the surfaces. Wood and cement can be a real headache for these workers due to the porous nature of the material making the task a whole lot harder.

Power Washing to Clean off the Graffiti

Power washing is one effective way to remove graffiti from porous substances such as cement and wood. The power washing substance has to contain a product that will remove the graffiti from the premises. If the graffiti has been put on with spray enamel paint, it needs to be removed with some kind of paint thinning material. Enamel paint is not water soluble and will not come off with just water alone.

If graffiti has been applied with alternative substances such as chalk or a water soluble marker then power washing comes into its own by removing graffiti quickly and easily. Unfortunately graffiti is most usually applied with spray paint which is always the hardest to remove.

Turning Graffiti Into Murals

Graffiti artists tend to prefer wide open and clean, blank wall surfaces to get their mesasge across loud and clear. The upshot of this mentality is that an already graffitied area is more likely to be left alone. This can be used as an advantage if the graffiti is reworked into something more appealing to the public which will be less likely to be defaced in the future.

Paint Remover to Remove Graffiti

If you have a modest amount of graffiti to remove, you might want to use paint remover. Use gloves if you are using this toxic and flammable product. It is also a good idea to wear a mask that will keep you from breathing in the fumes. You can then wipe down the graffiti and remove the paint. The problem with this is that you will also be removing any other paint that is under the graffiti. This can pose a problem if you are removing graffiti from a painted fence.

Time any money can be saved by the act of just painting over the graffiti if it was applied to a already painted surface. The trick is to prime the area before repainting to ensure good coverage.

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