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Offshore banking is a great way to secure your assets and can mean tax free savings!

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Offshore banking is simply a way of describing a bank which is situated outside of your resident country. A lot of people use offshore banking as a way to avoid paying taxes that are every so often associated with bank acccounts. They are also used illegally every so often.

It is completely legal to use an offshore bank account in order to keep your money and a lot of people find them more secure with better rates and less restrictions. The first offshore banks were used in the Channel Islands and it was the UK who originally used the phrase "offshore banking".

A lot of offshore banks are actually based just offshore on many islands throughout the world. A lot of offshore banks are situated in mainland cities such as Switzerland so not all offshore banks are strictly island based.

While many people believe that storing your money in an offshore banking account means that you don't have to pay taxes on it, that's often untrue. Under many different countrys' tax laws, all assets are subject to being taxed. Most tax laws, in fact, don't distinguish between money kept in local banks and money kept in offshore banks.

By law, most offshore banks are not legally required to state their income, nor do they have to inform anyone of who banks with them. Offshore banking is very useful for a lot of people and this is usually because of the economically, financially and politically stable nature of them.

If you think that the financial economy in your country or area is going to change then putting your assets into an offshore bank can be very helpful. A lot of people also use offshore banking because there are usually fewer fees and normally a higher rate of interest on savings accounts.

Offshore banking is cheaper because the firms don't usually have large overheads like most local banks have. As interest in an offshore bank is classed as worldwide income this usually means that you will earn interest before it is taxed.

A lot of people use offshore banking because there are services available that not many local banks provide. If you have heard in a movie or a TV series the Swiss bank accounts that are often used then you'll probably be fascinated to know they do exist.

You can open a bank account that does not have your name attached to it; instead, you go by a fake name or simply use the account number in all transactions.If you're on the look out for a great offshore bank located near or around the UK, there are a number of options.

Halifax International is one of the oldest offshore banks available or you may be interested in the Bank of Scotland International. In order to open an account you usually have to have at least 5000 GBP to start so bear this in mind if you want to open an offshore bank account.

Skipton Guernsey Limited has a variety of services, including competitive savings rates that are not taxed.Most offshore banks are very competitive but you should be able to find some deals and options that suit your needs.

Overall, if you want an offshore bank account then you'll need to do some research and start saving because of the large deposit you'll need. Most online guides to offshore banking are easy to understand so you shouldn't have a problem finding the account you want with the services you need.

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