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A drop of the muffins history

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A certain sweet smell that brings up the childhood memories of every man and woman can be sensed every so often walking near a bakery in the very early hours of the morning. They come in various flavors smiling if coming out of the oven, fashionably organic or simply sweet but always bringing the very special sense of stylish home baking.

What am I talking about?Well that would be muffins.

Born on France under the name of moufflet (soft bread) they were considered imported French bakery sins and treated likewise until somehow around the 10th century they found their way into the tea shops from all Great Britain under the name of muffin and established themselves as the most valued and enjoyed breakfast items next to the porridge.

The original English muffins recipe used a recipe that contained yeast, and contained nooks and crannies being cooked on a hot griddle pretty much like the Irish shortbread. Very early English muffins were baked inside muffin rings the size of a small wire hoop and were placed directly on the stove or on a skillets bottom.

The colonists introduced them in the United States and they became popular next to the ham and egg breakfast. The American muffins resemble as style, moisture and preparation the very common quick bread. They originally contained potato flour and this caused carbon producing inside the batter and made it rise.

They were baked inside individual molds and started introducing, ham, oaks and berries as main flavor, separately of course. After baking powder was invented in1857, the muffin recipe changed and became more versatile. The batter was easier to make and the bakers started to introduce chocolate chips as an established flavor. By the 19th century muffins raved all over the streets of England and United stats and were present in every bakery and tea shop.

The very popular children song Do you know the muffin man/ That lives on Drury Lane originated from the very funny habit of English bakers to dress up with muffin caps and walk on the streets this way in order to attract clients. In United States muffins became so famous that almost every state adopted a muffin recipe as its own brand. This is how Alabama has butter pecan muffins, Texas "corn bread muffins, Massachusetts adopted corn muffins and New York the apple muffin.

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