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A Look in Becoming a Vegetarian

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If you are thinking of becoming a vegetarian you may be debating if it is for health reasons or because you do not like the thought of animals dying to be used as food. You may wonder how much of a difference one additional person can make.

Although a single person's sacrifice may be small, you have to multiply that by many millions around the world. One argument for making this change are the benefits it has on your health and the problems that an excess of meat causes, like heart disease; this is the most common reason for death in America and other big meat eating nations.

Circulatory, heart problems, high cholesterol and heart attacks are primarily caused by the regular consumption of dairy products, eggs and meat; a reduction in this consumption would lower these health problems.

The organization Earth Save says that a meat eating individual is four times more likely to have a heart attack as a vegetarian. The risk of a heart attack for vegans is even lower with only a one in ten chance of having a heart attack against those of a person who eats meat. But these are not the only health benefits of choosing to be a vegetarian.

Meat contains a number of preservatives which have links with cancer, something which is dramatically reduced if you do not eat meat. As a vegetarian you won't be exposed to various hormones (that are packed into animal feed), which often disrupt normal hormonal processes in the body.

Some digestive conditions are claimed to be caused by a reaction to lactose which is avoided if you are a non-meat eater. On a more ethical note, you will be surprised how much less suffering in animals you will be responsible for by becoming a vegetarian.

Experts say that if you quit eating meat now, you could literally prevent the suffering and death of hundreds of animals over the course of a couple decades. Continuing along this line and by giving up eggs and milk, many hens and cows will be saved from the degradation of just being alive to feed us.

In addition to this, if you stop eating eggs and drinking milk, you will also reduce your share in the suffering and death of battery hens and their offspring, in addition to dairy cows. Well after reading this it is obvious the easy answer is yes it is better to become a vegetarian. The reduction in animal life lost and the improvement in your health should be convincing enough.

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