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Aromas At A Wine Tasting

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There's more than just sipping wine at a wine tasting and deciding whether you like the wine or not, you need to understand why you like the wine. And you can accomplish this by being able to determine what aromas give a wine its character. One way to do this is learning how to properly release the aromas in a wine so that you can get as many descriptors as possible.

You may say experts at a wine tasting event taste wine with their noses, not just with their tongues as the nose imparts much of the information that goes into determining taste. Before even tasting the wine, a wine connoisseur will take a deep whiff of the wine to get a first impression. This exposes your tongue to more taste sensations if you finally sip the wine.

Blocking information to your nose will drastically affect your sense of taste and what aromas in a wine you will be able to determine. Taking time to smell the wine and and letting it penetrate your nasal passage will impart more information about a wine. It is an important tool for defining wine.

A person has taste buds that are replaced every few weeks. As you get older you regrow fewer taste buds which makes you less susceptible to flavors and aromas, tannins and acids in wine. While younger people might have a harder time developing a palate for those styles of wine.

The more taste buds you have the more prone to extremes of flavors you are, which might detract from your interest in quality wines. That's not to say younger people can't develop a palate. It just means that the brain interprets aromas much more intensely and can dissuade someone from liking a particular wine.

Determining wine aromas at a wine tasting event differs among the male and female genders with women having a more highly developed sense of smell. Studies have shown that women tend to join more wine clubs as a result because they are more susceptible to aromas.

Once you are ready to sip the wine, really let it penetrate your entire mouth to gain the most from the aromas. Your tongue is capable of tasting only four tastes: sweet, salty, sour and bitter, and each tastes represents a different part of your tongue. So really let the wine slosh around and keep it there for several seconds to get as much information as possible.

Going to wine tasting events whenever you can is the best way to determine flavors and aromas in wine. Joining wine clubs and keeping wine notes will enable you to learn how to define more and more characters of wine overtime from which you might even become a wine expert yourself one day.

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