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Need To Learn How A Coffee Percolator Works?

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The coffee percolator is a coffee brewing device that looks like an urn. Coffee percolator, or caffettiera in Italian, got its name which means to percolate. The percolator was really the first device invented for brewing coffee. Today they are no longer usually seen and were mostly replaced by drip coffee makers.

Coffee percolators were a more crude way of brewing coffee. Most of the time it exposes the coffee grounds to higher temperatures essentially burning the grounds. This may cause the already brewed coffee to circulate again through the beans. The result was burnt and bitter coffee. Coffee percolator may eliminate part of the essential oils found in beans. This may result to a release of pleasant aroma during the brewing process but loss of rich flavor.

Coffee brewed using percolator has a quite distinctive flavor that some people consider as an acquired taste. Typically older groups of people still use the percolator. This stems from the fact that they were raised on this method, and it has stuck.

There are several parts of a coffee percolator. Starting from the top, it has an opening or spout where it lets someone to pour coffee to a cup or any other container. The lid along the spout is usually made of clear material so you can check on the coffee while it brews. The percolator also has a perforated chamber for the coffee. And finally, a tube attached to bubble the hot water.

There are two basic types of percolators. The first one pushes pressurized boiling water through the coffee. The second one uses gravity flow over the coffee grounds until the optimum level of flavor is achieved.

If making coffee this way the temperature rises making the water in the chamber boil forcing the water up the tube. The hot water goes to the top through the perforated lid of the chamber. The whole cycle repeats continually.

The overall temperature reaches boiling point while the brew continuously seeps through the grounds until you hear the perking stop. Some percolators have a built-in electric heating element that automatically reduces the heat, keeping the coffee warm but not boiling.

That is it with a coffee percolator. If you ever want to brew the old fashioned way, this is it.It may need some experimentation in brewing the perfect coffee through the use of coffee percolator, so be patient and prepare on having aborted tries.

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