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WEIGHT LOSS Certain foods manipulate your hormones. Learn more about this

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There is a unique way to lose fat. What is it? By eating only certain foods.

Those who use this approach to weight loss say that different foods have different effects on the various hormones that govern our body.

Well, that being said, just what are Hormones and what do they do inside our body? The Hormone Foundation, describes hormones like this:

The endocrine system is one of the bodys main systems for communicating, controlling and coordinating the bodys work. It works with the nervous system, reproductive system, kidneys, gut, liver, pancreas and fat to help maintain and control the following:

* body energy levels

* reproduction

* growth and development

* internal balance of body systems, called homeostasis

* responses to surroundings, stress and/or injury

The endocrine system accomplishes these tasks via a group of glands and organs that produce, store, and secrete certain hormones. Hormones are special chemicals that move into body fluid after they are made by one cell or a group of cells. The many different types of hormones cause different effects on other cells or tissues of the body.

So, there is a scientific basis for this method of Weight Loss. One of the principles stated by those who advocate this method is that you are fat because of what you eat.

This looks to be a unique method for weight loss. Sure, there have been countless eat this diet recommendations.

The following statement sums up the certain foods philosophy:

Do you know why you are fat? It is not because of parasites, it is not because of toxins, and it is also not because of your genetics. It is because you are eating food that was deliberately designed to make you fat!

There is much talk these days about how giant corporations design and produce foods that will make you fat. Whether or not these statements are overstated or not, there appears to be some truth to the belief that today's widely used foods are much different from natural food.

Will foods alter your hormone level? There is evidence that this is so, which leads to the conclusion that perhaps the hormone approach to Weight Loss has something to recommend it.

Disclaimer - This information is not meant to diagnose, cure, treat or mitigate any disease or condition. Before using consult your doctor or medical advisor. This information is not approved by any government agency - it is for educational purposes only.

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