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Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally

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You most likely don't believe that there can be a natural cure for hemorrhoid but in reality there is. Hemorrhoids, also called piles, can be a royal pain in the 'you know where'. There can be bleeding, every so often severe pain, and a lot of anxiety that comes along with them.

A lot of times you will most likely feel a little embarrassment regarding the fact that you must go see the doctor. That might be what led you to look for a Natural hemorrhoid cure. Or the thought of the time and money it will cost you may be your motive for reading this.

The natural, holistic treatment methods available for hemorrhoids are definitely very simple and plenty more inexpensive than traditional medical therapies. The pills and ointments that your doctor can prescribe may treat some symptoms, but will not cure or prevent future hemorrhoids from developing. And also the ingredients in these medicines may hurt you in the long run with their side effects.

There are definitely certain herbs that will work amazingly on your hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel is one of these herbs. It is a natural astringent, and if applied to your piles can stop bleeding and promote faster healing. You see, because it is an astringent, it can shrink the tissue of the hemorrhoid by stopping the blood flow to it. This will definitely assist with relieving pain and giving faster healing. The application process is very simple.

You take some dry cotton wipes, soak them in witch hazel and apply to your hemorrhoids three to four times a day. Keeping the soaked wipes inside the freezer will definitely enhance the soothing effect of the witch hazel. You can also make a special 'paste' by mixing the witch hazel with other herbs that you can apply as often as you like. Aloe Vera or Vitamin E are other ointments that can be applied directly to the anus to help with swelling and pain of your hemorrhoids.

Sitz baths (a warm saltwater bath) lessen the swelling and enhance the blood flow to the area. You just soak in the sitz bath for about twenty minutes at a time. Three to four times a day is a good number, but again you can do this as often as you like. It will keep the area clean and speed up healing.

Keep in mind hemorrhoids are blood vessels that have been damaged (swollen and protruding inward or outward) in some way. Typically the cause is either constipation or straining with a bowel movement. So avoiding further damage to the area is one natural hemorrhoid cure.

This is achieved through being sure your stools stay as soft as possible by consuming the appropriate kinds of food. Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet and drinking a lot of water is very important and will ensure easy-to-pass stools. Adding some sort of activity everyday will also ensure your speedy recovery.

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