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Neutronics And The Secret Of Explosive Power (Fa Jing) In The Martial Arts

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If it come to generating real martial arts power one has to consider the concept of Fa Jing. This is the simple explosion of energy from the energy center that makes such arts as Karate, Shaolin, Tai Chi, and other traditional martial arts superior to sports. This is not to speak ill of the art of fisticuffs, this is just to say that there is a concept that, if followed, will create a superior human being.

The secret of Fah jing energy is to drop the weight downwards, which causes a charge of energy to pulse up the legs. This energy enters the tan tien, which begins to generate power. The energy radiating out from this energy center can be controlled into the various martial arts techniques.

Grounding is not simply jumping off a desk and landing on the ground. It is a method that is incredibly easy to do, but will not work if one does not invest the proper awareness. Putting weight into the ground without awareness is like dropping a lead weight on the just thuds.

If you start to put your awareness into the earth--and this is an actual perception apart from the real perceptions of eyes, ears, and so on--you will actually feel the pulse of energy in the lower body. It will feel like liquid lightening, and you will suddenly feel a great and vast space inside your lower body. You will also become capable of an athleticism like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Oddly, though the energy enters the tan tien, the whole body that becomes the storage center for the energy. The body will become a tool through which you can direct the energy coming out of from the tan tien. This is the point at which your training really starts to accelerate, because you have to analyze what geometric path the energy has to follow if you are going to put it into your martial arts techniques.

Do you generate an edge on vertical circle on one half of the body? Do you transfigure the chi from the vertical to the horizontal, then pulse it out the arm? Do you spiral it through the limbs, as would a Baqua master?

Obviously there are going to be many ways of utilizing this chi, once you become able to make it and control it. The real key at this point is to make your technique able to manifest the energy. This is a two edged sword of physics that, to be truthful, not many martial arts master can do.

What we are really expressing, you should understand, is that the body is a motor, and this is a technology new to this planet and to our culture and to our martial arts. But if you can understand this field of knowledge, which I call flux theory, then you will be able to do things with your chi that have, up to this point, been the stuff of legends. The golden age is about to begin, you see, and it is possible through understanding concepts such as martial arts fa jing.

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