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Three Martial Arts Dirty Tricks You Can Win A Life And Death Street Fight With

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I almost feel guilty, pushing a few martial arts dirty tricks, if such things as Karate and Kung Fu have come to stand for honor and virtue. The honest truth, however, is that if you have to use your martial skill outside the dojo, fighting dirty may make the difference between life and death. That said, here's a few nasty, little things that will help you walk away alive.

It's not considered a dirty tactic these days, at least not as much as if I was growing up, but a good, swift kick to the apples can win a back alley brawl faster than fast. You don't need a lot of martial arts training to make this work, and it will distract the bully, and maybe even end the fight. If he charges do a front kick, or simply raise the leg and let him run into your foot, and the fight is over.

One important item you should know, dirty fight or not, is never take your eyes off his. If you launch a snap kick to his banana bunch, watch his eyes, and be willing to change tactics. You will find that watching his eyes can really change the fight.

For instance, as you run at him throw something in his eyes. Heck, you can even spit at his eyes, and if you can make those lids flicker, you have just increased the odds of you living and him going down for the count. Even a quick flick of the fingers, an intention to make him think you are going for the eyes, might turn the tide in your favor.

Now, let's say the fight is hot and heavy, and you have to do something or you are going to lose. Something you won't learn in a polite training hall, and particularly not in the MMA arena, or the UFC octagon, is to go after his fingers. One of the first things we were taught, back if I was first learning freestyle, was to use a snappy backfist to his open fingers as you close the distance.

If you can jam and hurt his fingers you've got an edge. Make it so he can't close hands, or use them to grab, and you've essentially destroyed his weapons. The idea here is to win the combat, to walk away from the gangster, and to leave him with a better idea of how to conduct himself in the company of his betters.

Now, in closing, I know these tricks aren't much, but they will help. If you want more than an edge, if you want a fighting chance, you really should find a classical school and learn some good Martial Arts Techniques. Heck, a little time having a blast in the training hall, and you're going to have Karate power, or Kung Fu power, or Kenpo Power, or Taekwondo Power, or whatever kind of power you desire, and whether you use martial arts dirty tricks or not, you're going to come out on top in a street fight.

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