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How Pilates Reformer Equipment Is Put Together

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Sure you may know that you are a great Pilates master- but do you know what makes up your reformer machine? Knowing the ins and outs of your Pilates reformer machine will better allow you to understand how you are getting exercise, and of course how to maintain your piece of equipment.

Pilates reformer machines use bands that are used to pull weight along what is called a carriage. These bands are usually called ropes, but aren't always made of rope-like material. You may see these ropes made up of elastic materials, leather, and synthetic material that is strong and durable. Test a machine out first to see if the "feel" of them suits you.

The object you use to carry your body weight is the carriage. This component allows you to stand, sit, lay, or kneel during your exercises. In doing so you will be able to target almost every part of your body with the Pilates reformer. Be sure to test out your carriage setup first to be certain you can do all of these stances without feeling awkward. That way you can find the best fit and not deal with the hassle of a sub-par reformer.

Much of the resistance you will experience could be the work of the springs. Spring resistance is optional, but recommended if you need a good workout. Springs are usually attached to the foot bar of the machine or at the base of the carriage. If you slide the carriage up and down, you are resisting the strength of the springs. Most reformers will have the ability to adjust the resistance value.

Perhaps less important but still worth noting is the head rest and other padding for your upper body. The head rest will need to be strong enough to resist strain and pressures without breaking or tearing, yet padded enough to make for a soft place to put your head with exercises that require you to lay down. Shoulder padding may also be present for exercises that are done with your body laying down.

Pilates reformers will also need a sturdy frame to house all the components. Most reformers will be made out of steel or other hardened metals, but don't be surprised if you see a wooden design. There aren't necessarily any great benefits of choosing one over the other, although metal options tend to be of less weight and are easier to take apart and store.

Final Thoughts

You probably didn't know that a Pilates machine was so simplistic in design. It's true, a Pilates reformer is only composed of a few components that are well thought out and put together. For more information, check your local health store that stocks Pilates machines.

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