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Looking for a Job? This Teeth Whitening Comparison Will Help You

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Its no secret that a lot of people are worrying about the economy nowadays. People are scared that they might lose their jobs, and theyre on the look out for any little edge that will put them ahead of the competition. And also, just about any edge you can find that will help you keep your existing job, or help you land a new one, is something you need to look into.

Ive always found that someones appearance can often make or break their success in the workplace. And whats one of the biggest factors people pay the most attention to -- the quality of your smile! I just put together a comparison of teeth whitening methods that will help you look your best whether youre trying to score a promotion or land a new job.

Well talk about the results of that teeth whitening comparison in just a second, so hang in there. But first, you really need to understand just how vital your appearance is if youre trying to get ahead in todays economy.

As far as Im concerned, this is by far one of the more important reasons to look into doing something to whiten your teeth if youre at all embarrassed by how they look. Remember, if you dont think they look that great, others think they look WORSE!

Yes, Im well aware of the fact that its every so often the guy who looks like a total mess whos the smartest in the office. But its just human nature that people want to work with -- and HIRE -- attractive people. In short, theres a reason why HR managers never hire someone based on a resume alone. They always want to meet you first.

Life is not always fair in that regard. All you can do is try to stay ahead of the curve and look your best.

Ive seen many scientific studies that proves that hiring managers give the nod to people who are considered more attractive, all other things being equal. Maybe its unfortunate thats the way things are, but thats the world we live in. Appearance counts.

You may even have to do a little research to find out what clothes will look best on you, what teeth whitening solution works best, or how to style your hair.

My brother has naturally greyer teeth, and was really happy to hear that I was doing a teeth whitening comparison. He always had a hard time with his teeth.

Hes told me on more than one occasion that people have kind of looked down their nose at him because of the way his teeth looked. To this day he insists that hes lost out on jobs because he didnt look as attractive as other candidates who couldnt match him on qualifications alone.

The really ironic thing is that my brother is the neatest guy I know. And by neat I mean clean, not cool. But because of his teeth, people got the wrong impression about his grooming habits.

He once -- and I can confirm this -- took five showers in one 24 hour period. And hes been known to stand in the bathroom for close to 30 minutes just to brush his teeth. So he has tried, but nothing has really helped.

People making potential judgment that he was unclean because of his natural tooth shade being darker would just be flat out wrong. In any case, it is true that he has a harder time finding a job than most people.

I think that the HR people making the decisions just think that because hes teeth are kind of dingy that he somehow is a lazy guy and that his work must be sloppy too. Yeah, I know its strange but thats the kind of stuff he has to put up with.

Anyway, he finally figured out that since there are so many awesome products out there on the market right now for whitening your teeth at home, there was no reason for him not to try one. Im happy to say that he followed some of my advice as a result of my teeth whitening comparison, and hes getting some amazing results.

You can see the results of my comparison below, and get the same benefits that he did. I think you will be surprised which teeth whitener came out on top.

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