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Replacement Water Filters And Cartridges. What Should You Know?

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Should you be considering the cost of replacement cartridges if buying a water filter?

With the Ralph Nader Institute estimating up to 2100 toxic chemicals in our drinking water there's no doubt you need a good water filter, the best in fact.

But some water filters are water purifiers that have a part that needs to be replaced from time to time. Not all water purification systems have parts that need regular replacement, but some do. Is this a problem?

What needs to be replaced is the cartridge that actually holds the filter medium. From time to time this cartridge become clogged with contaminants and wont work as effectively as it once did, or if left too long can even block up completely.

You can feel great if you throw out that cartridge because you've just thrown away those contaminants that you didn't want to drink.

But it costs money to buy replacement water cartridges and some people choose their water filter based not on choosing the best water filter but on the cost of the cartridges. And that's not the best way to choose your water filter.

You need the best water filter that is available and that should be the overall consideration if buying a filter, don't buy just based on the cost of the cartridges.

But it is quite true that cost is also an issue for many too. And there is good news for those people.

The best water filters are not even the most expensive filters. On a cost comparison the best filters are relatively inexpensive to use, including factoring in the cost of replacement cartridges.

There are water filter comparisons done which show that the best water filters cost around 9.6 cents per gallon to use, and some of the others can cost anywhere up to 25 cents a gallon to use, and that's with all costs, including replacement cartridges, included.

With 10 water filters tested the best water filters actually came out the cheapest of all to use, and they use replacement filters.

So if you're on the look out for a water filter and have decided to avoid replacement water filters because of the cost think again. The best filter is a replacement water filter, and it is also the cheapest.

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