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The Causes of Snoring And Finding An Effective Cure

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For those who know they snore, have you ever wondered what the causes of snoring are? Is there a switch that your brain clicks if you go to sleep that makes you snore like a train or sound like the worst thunder storm ever? Let me tell you the basics, as to be well informed helps you fight the battle in finding snoring cures that will work for you.

Snoring occurs because of obstruction to the natural air flow between the upper airway passages found at the back of the nose and mouth. The causes of snoring are mainly related to the collapse of part of the air passages where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate and uvula (the uvula is the small V- shaped extension of the soft palate that hangs behind and over the tongue at the opening to the throat). If this part of the airways is blocked at any point, it causes vibration each time you breathe in that manifests as snoring.

There is no single fixed point within the airway from which snoring originates; however, the tongue has more recently been seen as an important muscle in the causes of snoring. Basically, if we sleep muscle tone is more relaxed than if we are awake and we are less able to control the airways from collapsing and produce snoring sounds.

Several causes of snoring exist that we can do something about and without the need for potions, pills and implements that can be uncomfortable to use. These include over eating, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol, the position in which we sleep, smoking and allergies.

Smoking will cause swelling of the nasal and throat passages and catarrh, so if you cannot stop, at least try not to smoke for 4 hours before bed to give your body time to re-adjust. Over eating is perhaps an obvious one to control, as if extra fatty tissue is being added to the throat area (this is more likely in men than women) snoring is more likely to occur. In on the look out for snoring cures, diet alone is not enough, it is time to get out and do a little walking or swimming to help tone your whole body.

Several allergies, particularly allergic rhinitis are now on the increase and affect between 10-25% of the population. Rhinitis leads to congestion in the nasal passages which can be triggered by such things as dust, smoke, pet hair and plants. Some cleaners should also be avoided where possible. Obviously, if you know your triggers avoid them, but you could also try an anti-inflammatory spray to help reduce the symptoms and as a possible snoring cure.

If you consume alcohol, this leads to a greater relaxation of the muscles in addition to the other undesirable side effects you have probably heard about. I am not here to preach, but please do try to leave around 4 hours before you go to bed. If we have been drinking heavily, we are also much more liable to sleep on our backs which many people already know is a recipe for loud snoring. This is because the excess fatty tissue under your chin is likely to compress your airways even more.

In summary, there is no magic switch for snorers. Understand your individual causes of snoring before you look for snoring cures and improve all our lives!

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