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Will A Stop Snoring Pillow Help With A Snoring Problem

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If you have ever slept with a heavy snorer you will know how this can affect a relationship. A snorer's partner will regularly search for answers to the problem, much more than the snorer themselves who needs to accept they have a problem in the first place. One of the suggested aids to ease snoring is a stop snoring pillow.

Although snoring is more common in men, as we age it becomes more likely in both men and women. Other factors known to increase snoring include alcohol, drug use smoking and the way we sleep. People who often snore constantly tend to sleep on their backs, and to get them to change position for longer than a few minutes can be impossible! This is where a stop snoring pillow may help.

A stop snoring pillow could prove useful for those who don't like taking pills, using devices or sprays and who wish to avoid having surgery. One kind of pillow is placed behind the snorer's back to stop them sleeping on their backs, but more recent ones tend to align the neck, spinal column and head to reduce any breathing obstruction.

Some of the stop snoring pillows also vibrate to encourage a change in sleeping position. These have audio detectors that respond to snoring by vibration of varying intensities until, hopefully, the snoring stops. A few of these even have an external audio jack so the snoring can be recorded!

Added benefits of stop snoring pillows can occur because of their orthopedic design. Such benefits include headache and migraine pain relief and the promotion of a correct posture. So not only can stop snoring pillows reduce, and in some cases eliminate snoring, in doing so, they may also improve your relationship with a partner, allow you to wake-up refreshed in the morning and give you a new quality of life away from the worry of waking everyone else up! A useful addition to these pillows is to follow a set of specific exercises that are designed to help stop snoring quickly.

The bottom line here is that a snoring pillow MAY work for you, so it is certainly worth considering as they have other benefits. You should also consider some of the other available options after you have consulted your physician.

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