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276: Babysitter Rates: How Much For A Sitter?
What is the existent babysitter rate? This seems to be one of the most common questions asked these days. It is also a question that doesn't have one definite answer. On the average, sitters are usually paid anywhere from $3-$12. This seems to be quite a wide bracket. This is only because there are several factors that determine the exact rate of pay.

277: So You Want To Build A Fence?
There are many reasons why people build fences. One of them is increasing the size of your personal property. It can keep unwanted people out and also wild animals. It gives you a clear boundary of where your own property is. Build a fence can be a great asset to your home and something that can be enjoyable to build.

278: A Garage Floor Car Mat Offers Great Protection
Every vehicle known to man is prone to leak. Engine, gearbox, radiator - fluids seem to come from everywhere. If this happens a garage floor car mat is very important to prevent the ground surface from being damaged, every so often beyond repair. Simple to instal and a great solution, the mat is placed where you would normally park your vehicle and provides that extra level of protection.

279: An Overview on Financial Freedom
Everyone is dreaming of financial freedom and early retirement. Financial freedom is the definition for being free and not worrying about where to get your money for daily survival. Financial freedom is having extra, not scrimping on what was left. Financial freedom is having your money work for you, not you working for the money. Financial freedom is growing your asset column or financial status without you doing anything.

280: Baby Boy Clothes - Back To The Future?
How we clothe our children began to change in the twentieth century for both baby boy clothes and baby girl clothes. Only at that time did childhood come to be regarded as important in its own right and in turn, baby clothes styles changed too.

281: Venice Italy Vacation Home
Vacation Home in Venice, Italy

282: Up, Up and Away at Idaho!
A lot of young boys dream about being a pilot one day. Perhaps it is because of the exciting experience that comes in flying an aircraft, the surreal feeling of being airborne or even the prestigious title that comes with it. Being a pilot is a tough task for it entails full responsibility if the lives of your passengers. The passengers lives are well on a pilots hands until they safely arrived in their destinations.

283: Crafts in Arkansas: Scrap booking
Scrap booking is an art that has been around since the 16th century. Scrap booking is craft making using photographs and accents on photo albums. Scrap bookers or Scrap booking crafters is earning a lot from it by turning their simple hobby into a money making opportunity. Scrap booking is a womans hobby though some men nowadays enjoy making one too!

284: Tin Tiles or Wainscoting
Your not limited to where you can have wainscoting installed, but you are limited to just a few designs. Tin tiles, which are usually used on ceilings and walls, are now being used in the place of wainscoting because tin tiles come in thousands of colors and patterns. This greatly increases the options you have to choose from if remodeling or decorating a wall.

285: Make Home Security Your Priority
What price can you place on your home and your loved ones? We all want to go to bed at night with the peace of mind that we are safe and sound, and we all want to be certain that if we leave our home, it is safe from break-ins and robberies. Placing a price on this kind of security is difficult, but of course, everyone has a budget they need to stick to. In any case, going for a cheap home security system could cost you big time in the long run. If it comes to protecting your loved ones and all of your sumptuous possessions, it pays to go with the best.

286: If a Tourist, What Gear to Use
As a tourist, one thing that many people don't know about is all the protective gear you need for rock climbing. And also, most often if they purchase package holidays trips, they are not aware of what they need! If you are lucky, you will be able to get a great holiday rental price on all the equipment you need to go rock climbing; otherwise it may be costly!!

287: Famous people who lived in cars
Can you imagine William Shatner living in a car? What about Jim Carrey?

288: Bathroom Tile Designs: Learn How to Prepare the Right Ones
It always amazes me just how much the right bathroom tile design can improve a remodeling project but making a choice on style isn't always easy with the ranges available today. There are a variety of designs and options available that appeal to a number of differing tastes in addition to range of budgets. Of course there are favorites and four tile designs spring to mind, the famous harlequin style, marble, stone and the more contemporary colored tiles.

289: What to Look for in a Mini Refrigerator
If you live in a cramped and tight accommodation like a student dormitory then you know that space is a valuable resource. Furniture and appliances need to fit in to tight spaces and corners. An option for those on the look out for a new fridge is to buy a mini refrigerator.

290: The Florida International Festival: Daytona Beach
This year is another promising year for the Florida International Festival or what it is more aptly called now as the Daytona Beach International Festival. The festival will once again feature a stunning array of talented artists, musicians and world-class performers that will take everyone's breath away. The festival organizers are known for their ability to gather the world's most promising artists under one event, including the London Symphony Orchestra.

291: Teaching The Kids To Cook? Kids Love Making Homemade Candy.
If school holidays come around the kids are delighted. But every so often mom isn't so delighted. What are you going to do to keep the kids entertained these holidays? How about making some wonderful homemade candies these holidays?

292: Public Self Storage Etiquette: The Dos and Don'ts
We all have the tendency to be 'pack rats.' All of the stuff we have gathered over the years eventually starts to clutter up our homes. Many of us do not want to part with our possessions in order to make more room. One way of clearing the clutter without having to get rid of it is to purchase a self storage unit. A self storage facility will keep your items safe and you have access any time of the day or night. Before investing in self storage, you should consider the following:

293: The Right and Safe Way to Get Rid of Snow
White snow is a gorgeous scene to behold, and already, it has become part of our culture; something for the kids to enjoy. There is nothing wrong with this, and I believe that snow can really be the herald for a remarkable occasion. Though, there is one big problem, and that is the fact that snow doesn't stay as gorgeous as it is. The snow will get dirty as the weeks pass and it will start to eventually turn into muddy muck that befouls your home.

294: Arroz Con Pollo
A dinner with the company of dear friends is always fun and memorable. If you are entertaining, it is always important to have a recipe or two ready to whip out anytime. A well-planned dinner, a well-laid out dinner table and expert hosting abilities can make for a fine and perfect evening. It is also advisable to experiment with other dishes to be able to enrich the dining experience.

295: Scarlet Pimpernel
There is scarcely a field boundary, headland, or patch of fallow land where the gay bright scarlet flowers of the Pimpernel are not found. Few plants have such neat star-like flowers with the rich colour and expanse of the petals standing out in sharp contrast to the narrow linear-lanceolate sepals.

296: Flower delivery gifts are brilliant for loads of celebrations whether they are personal or not. Flower delivery gifts don't have to be pricey.
Flower delivery gifts are a great way to show someone you care and a Flower delivery is certainly a popular option on Valentines day and other special occassions. There are lots of different species of Flower delivery gifts available and there are hundreds of different colours and arrangements available too.

297: Baby Furniture: Wonderful Heirlooms for Generations to Come
Mass produced furniture has become very common as furniture outlets, low quality manufacturers and super store outlets become more prevalent. Rarely can someone go to a superstore and expect the leve

298: Easy to Make, Cheap and Non-Toxic Homemade Cleaning Solutions
Common household items can be used to make safe, cheap, child-safe, non-toxic cleaning solutions. Plus, they do a great job of cleaning your home!

299: Let's Talk About Moving to Hawaii
Most people dream about moving to an island their whole life and living in paradise. If people look closely at their dream of moving to Hawaii, it can become a reality with little time and hard work.

300: History of Bonsai: What You Need to Know
Not only is the bonsai tree a great tree for decoration, it has also been linked to keeping one's life in a blissful state of harmony. Being subjected to daily levels of stress and chaos, our world is forced to endure extreme levels of chaos. Even with the fast pace of the world today, bonsai art has the ability to show an environment of tranquility. Of course, it is necessary to understand how the ancients used this art form throughout their lives.

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