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1426: Swedish Elkhound
The Swedish Elkhound is a very ancient breed believed to have existed in 1000s. Ancestors of this breed are speculated to be the dogs kept by the Stone Age people. Swedish Elkhounds were developed in Jamtland, a province in northwestern Sweden. This breed of magnificent conformation has been kept by people in Jamtland at the end of the last ice age. This is the reason why the breed gained the name Jamthund.

1427: Enhancing The Home With Patio Furniture
Making the outside of a house look good is top priority for some people. The lawn and garden of their house is a source of pride and they take great pains to make it look it is absolute best. Using patio furniture is an easy way to show style and give functionality to the yard.

1428: How To Make A Grand Remark For Your House
First impressions are vital. A house's warm and neat atmosphere will definitely attract a buyer to pay for it just as much as a car aficionado is willing to pay for an affordable but tidy second-hand car.

1429: Are You Searching For The Best Industrial Flooring Option?
You may be searching for the best industrial flooring options that offer all the benefits a commercial establishment floor should offer. You may be searching for the wrong solutions because you may not be aware of innovations in materials for industrial flooring, however. That might leave you considering the traditional commercial flooring options, which may be lacking some aspects you need.

1430: How To Choose The Best Carpet Cleaning Company
You've finally decided it is time to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to come to your home and take care of your carpet. Well now what? You may think it is as easy as opening a phone book and setting up an appointment. Sometimes it is.

1431: There's A First For Everything And A Great Gift Idea To Match...
As the saying goes - there is a first for everything.

1432: The Tendency Of A Satisfactory Perfume On Your Dog
Most dog owners dwelling in the country will affirm that there is something about rotten material and foul water that appeals to dogs. Actually, you wouldn't be surprised to find a canine within the countryside nicknamed stinky. Regardless if its dung, polluted water or a rotten animal, if it stinks, your dog can roll in it. The thought of strolling around smelling like a sewer is a dog's thought of heaven.

1433: Decorating Ideas To Create A Funky Bedroom
The bedroom is a personal space that serves as a private sanctuary where a person can retire at night to rest and rejuvenate in readiness for the challenges each new day brings. As a result, it is important that the bedroom reflect the ideas and desires of the person who uses it in such a way that it becomes a space a person can call his own.

1434: The Advantages Of Fixing A Fire Alarm System
Fires are of the top unhappy things and if they happen to a home,the result is serious , right along with floods and earthquakes. Fires can be caused by nature, accidents, or fires can be deliberately set. As such, it is important that you safeguard your home against such instances by purchasing a fire alarm and detection system.

1435: 6 Helpful Tips For Finding And Using Green Cleaning Products
Are you interested in green cleaning, but aren't 100% certain about where to start? Here are some helpful tips for choosing and using 100% natural, non-toxic household cleaners:
1. Be cautious about "natural" products.

1436: What Is Needed In A Family Tent
This year's vacation will include a family tent. The only problem is no one ever bothered to choose one. This means it will take a little understanding of what is necessary to be certain all bases are covered. A tent has to sleep a certain number of people, allow for extras, and should be able to withstand whichever weather it will be used in.

1437: Creating A Family Vacation Everyone Will Want To Remember
If you have a family, you probably remember the days if you barely had to leave your front street to thrill the little kids. Vacations could be just an afternoon at a local park or a few hour drive up to Grandma's house. As kids age, their tastes began to change, their moods shifted, and it was not long before they began to complain about the traditional and budget-friendly vacations you planned each year. Instead of hearing their shrill laughter you might be faced with nothing but complaints and eye rolls if on vacation. Your challenge is to plan fun family activities that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family without breaking the bank. If you think your kids might love a camping trip, there are plenty of fun things you can do while in the wilderness. Consider a kayak fishing trip for an added incentive for making an outdoor trip fun. Gathering a bunch of kayak fishing accessories and loading the family into the boat will create great family memories that everyone enjoys.

1438: Synthetic Engine Oils And Your Car
Synthetic oils can be used for cars as a more environmentally friendly alternative if the car manufacturer allows it and is stated in the manual. There are some cars though which are specifically made to run with synthetic oil in their engine. This article will teach you a thing or two about synthetic oils. Go ahead and read on to learn about synthetic oils.

1439: Collecting Data By Using A Data Logger
Measurement data may be recorded electronically on a device known as a data logger which gathers the data over a timed period or from a predetermined location by means of sensors or instruments attached to the device or built in. A processing chip supplies the basic instructions. These devices will usually be portable, small, battery powered and controlled by a microprocessor. Memory chips are used for storing the data which is collected from the sensors.

1440: Plumbing Layout As A Occupation
Plumbing Layout involves the implementation of plumbing fixtures into a house throughout the planning stages. Plumbing design means getting involved on the ground floor and working with other residence style and design specialists. The result is really a conglomeration of efforts to make a house as efficient as achievable.

1441: Tips For Buying The Best Jewelry Boxes
Whether you are planning to buy the basic jewelry box or the boxes designed in a luxury style, it is the best idea to first gather information about the firms which manufacture these boxes. You should first identify the names of the brand which are associated with the high quality boxes. If you want to purchase the affordable jewelry boxes, you will be confused by seeing the different varieties in it.

1442: Learning More About Various Types Of Water Damage
Water damage is known to be a common concern for many people. For anyone who owns a house or is interested in purchasing one, it is one of the main concerns. There are a lot of factors that are related to this kind of damage, which many people do not fully understand or realize. Some of the following information can be a useful overview for understanding what the full effects of the damage can be.

1443: Everything You Have To Know Regarding Renovations
People who decide on doing renovations to their property do this for a number of different reasons. They may be lacking sufficient space, so would like to add another room. They may want the convenience of a sun room. There may also be the requirement for modernization of the home and hence a kitchen or bathroom remodel will be considered.

1444: Looking For Cars Under 3000
Searching for cars under 3000 can be a very good treat particularly if you are on the look out for automobiles that are within your budget. Indeed, this is one of the east things that you can do as most of the brand new ones that can be bough through the conventional dealerships are very expensive. But in order for you to do this, you have to consider a few things first.

1445: How To Attend A Midway Auto Salvage Auction
If you are thinking that it is very impractical and unconventional to purchase cars through a midway auto salvage auction, then you need to know that you are largely mistaken. As a matter of fact, there are already millions of individuals who have tried this out and they all benefited through it. And if you are also aiming to have your very own vehicle, then this is an option that you should really consider.

1446: Heating And Plumbing
Open vent boilers work in a traditional manner, whereby the heating circuit is pressurised using a high level cold water tank usually located in the loft. The open vented boilers, whilst being very traditional in the plumbing arrangement, are however usually wall-hung boilers which help to save large amounts of space.

1447: There Are Many Other Treats For Halloween Than Candy
Halloween is coming again ... you know ... the holiday that provides our children with all that candy and unhealthy sugars. This might be the most fun holiday for the kids but we as parents need to keep on them about eating a lot of candy. Perhaps this year is a good time for you to set an example for the neighborhood ... provide candy alternatives! The whole idea here is to keep the kids having fun, and enjoying their treats, but curb the unhealthy foods that they put in their mouths.

1448: Maid Of Honor Wedding Toast - Ways To Knock-off The Audience's Feet
Maid of honor wedding toast is usually given by the closest and best friend of the beautiful bride. Occasionally, maid of honors are either the best friend or sister of the bride. Whether you will be the best friend or sister, you are here because you must write a speech for the bride. The problem is you want to make a fantastic speech that will definitely knock off the feet of your listeners. There is also a tendency that you like to please and honor the bride with her groom. Simply pay attention to the details below to write a very good speech. Writing a maid of honor wedding toast is a fun part of the wedding reception wherein you can showcase positive things regarding the couple.

1449: Real Christmas Trees
If it comes to the Christmas period, many people wonder what kind of tree they should get for their home. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year where people get together to celebrate and to have fun. It is a time for giving and sharing and forgetting ill will towards people.

1450: Flat Roofing Contractor Understands Perils Of Water
While the object of a flat roof and a peaked roof are the same, to keep water out of the building, the installation methods are different and an experienced flat roofing contractor can get the job done with promising no leaks.If a flat roof in installed incorrectly, initial appearance may hide the potential of leaks, allowing bubbles to form under the materials and not allowing leaks to show for a month or more.

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