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Bull Riding Classics in Fremont, Nebraska

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Bull riding sport often leaves me in awe and in shock because of the bravery of the bull fighters. I have often see bull riding on the television and I can say that it always give me the chills to see these bull riders bodies literally being swayed by the bulls harsh and quick movements. That is the reason why I am very eager to attend one and see it for myself while I am here in Fremont, Nebraska. I am indeed excited and eager to attend this festival and I cant wait!

In bull riding, both the bull and the rider are given points which will account to the over-all point of the whole ride. The participant with the highest point wins the ride. Riders never get to choose their own bull. The bulls points are always based on its agility, performance and bucking stances. Bucking is the act where a bull is galloping on its hind legs to get rid of the rider from its back.

As part of the rule in any bull riding competition, a rider should not touch himself, the rope, or the bull with his other hand. Free hand should remain free and should not touch anything, while the other hand grips the rope fastened on the bulls body. The rope is always coated with rosin, in addition to the riders glove to prevent it from slipping. Apart from the gloves riders are expected to wear chaps as protective clothing for his legs and vest for his chest.

There had been heated arguments on the subject of bull riding and some animal welfare rights openly criticized the idea of it. They criticized the idea of hot shots or electric cattle prods that are being used to shock the bull into jumping out of the chute quickly as soon as it was released. Supporters say that these are ultimately safe for the animals as the shots are mildly given and could in any way pose a grave threat to an animals health because they possess thick hides.

Now Im definitely going to see the bull riding competition in Fremont. I want to be entertained and amused at the riders and the bulls.

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