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What Is The Longest A Cigar Will Stay Good In A Travel Humidor?

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Let's say you want to store some quality cigars over a period of time. Can you store a cigar? How long does it stay good? Where do you begin? It really depends on your primary method of storage. If you have a cigar humidor that is airtight and properly humidified then your cigars can last forever. Even today, some cigars from the pre-WWII era have been smoked and enjoyed.

The area of the humidor is important, in addition to the temperature and humidity. Some cigars age well, but not all aged cigars will be a great smoke. A controlled environment is best for the natural aging of cigars. Under-humidification and over-humidification are risks, though the former is less severe than the latter. The loss of oil in the cigar is what will affect the taste.

Poorer storage of a cigar will significantly affect its lifespan. A plastic bag or an ordinary jar will only keep an average stogie good for about a week, maybe two. After the second week, it will dry out in a hurry. As long as the humidity is kept at 65-70% and the temperature and average of 16-17 C, the case or sealed room should suffice for a limited time.

If the humidor is too dry then the cigars will not age well. They will become dehydrated. A case of cigars usually has a humidification system built in, whether that is a sponge or a bag of beads. If you do not have a case (a humidor) then you should look for a coolidor or perhaps a cigar storage tube. What is a storage tube?

Storage tubes are a nice compromise, however. This tube only holds one cigar but also has aluminum and cellophane inside to protect the tobacco. This extra protection (without humidity) ensures that the cigar is good for at least a few months. Remember though, once you open the tube that extra protection is gone. Another option to look into is cork stoppers, which may be able to save cigars for over a year's period of time. There are many ways you can save top quality cigars. Invest in some sort of protection system. Cigars lying around the office will lose their taste and scent in a hurry. A good cigar is worth preserving for just the right time!

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