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Dog Fences - Why They Are Not Functional Without Training Your Dog

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If the installation and dog training instructions are adhered to, dog fences actually work - they keep your dog "fenced in" without the physical fences. But there are always skeptics and detractors - such as those claiming that this system is neither humane nor cost effective. If you're having doubts about the effectiveness of dog fences, this short article covers the basics.

There ca be various set ups in a pet containment system, but they all aim to prevent a dog from moving outside a marked area. The area in question - surrounded by buried wire - could be just your lawn, or backyard, or your entire house. A device in the collar your dog wears will sense trigger a warning tone if the dog is near the boundary. This is to be followed by a static correction if the dog continues to leave the perimeter.

Dog fences or invisible fences are not the only kind of containment set up there is. Some owners do not want their dog jumping up on their couch, or moving close to expensive furniture they can chew on or claw up. For these situations, a dog owner can set up the same wires system, or a "beacon" that detects if the collar-wearing dog is near, and then gives out the tone and mild shock. That's the signal to keep away.

In these varying scenarios, where the dog is "told" to stay inside or stay away, the dog must be adequately trained and rewarded if exhibiting the expected behavior. A pet containment system is not some overnight magic answer to keeping your dog from misbehaving.

Dog fences are convenient in that they (1) go around regulations against building physical fences, (2) are more affordable than physical fences, (3) do not damage the landscape, and (4) allow your dog to roam within your property without the imprisoned feeling

Some detractors of the use of dog fences offer three claims: (1) some dogs can ignore the tone and shock and still get out, (2) the reliability of the buried wire system, and (3) of reports of dogs fearing the boundaries enough to avoid leaving the front door altogether.

All of these worries can be addressed by sufficient training and routine checks to see that the system is working fine. Given that not everyone has the time to train his dog, there are dog trainers one could hire. Remember, for a pet containment system to work, the proper installation instructions must be adhered to and the dog must be adequately trained.

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