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Pregnancy Articles

1: Baby Shower Party Favors - Try Potpourri for Something Unique
If you are having a traditional "It's a Girl" baby shower or a baby shower that emphasizes femininity, this article will give you some great do it yourself ideas for party favors that all your guests will enjoy to take home with them.

2: Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas - Try Perfume for Something Unique
Today, it seems as if every celebrity is designing and marketing his/her own perfume. Cosmetics and fragrances are among the three most profitable consumer products in the United States. Fragrances, perfumes, and colognes are more popular now than ever, and the act of designing your own perfume has become a recent trend. This trend does not only have to apply to the business world or the celebrity atmosphere.

3: Staying Fashionable During Pregnancy
For women who are pregnant for the first time, it can take a few months before they notice their regular clothes don't fit but for women who are on their subsequent pregnancy, the changes in their bod

4: Yeast Infection Pregnancy
Virtually all adult females at some time of their lives will experience some issues with their bodies, specifically in their private areas. Vaginal infections are not rare among adult females, and yeast infections are particularly common. I would also like to add that maternity and yeast infection often accompany one another. As a consequence of various factors, more pregnant women are infected by yeast and some of those infections may not be easy to control.

5: Shopping for Baby's First Birthday - Strategies and Tips
You have your baby's first birthday gift shopping list penned, now it is time to check it twice! The list is only the starting point. Even with a list in hand you are unprepared to navigate the shopping land mine. The next step for seasoned shoppers is research. You know what your toddler wants, but it is easy to become distracted by other gifts that are just too cute. If you have created your list with care then the treasure chest, easy bake oven and red wagon will be just the right stuff.

6: Planning an Exciting Baby Shower
With babies come baby showers. These are great parties that celebrate life and the birth of a new child into the world, family and community. In some cultures these parties go on for days. The party

7: Preparing For Pregnancy Stretch Marks With Stretch Mark Creams
Pregnancy is known as the time if a woman has the baby inside of her uterus. Many women love the amazing feeling of being pregnant, but stretch marks often end up making women frustrated and unhappy with their appearance.

8: Morning Sickness Symptoms and Treatment
It is believed that the primary cause of morning sickness is the significant hormonal changes that are occurring in the body if you are pregnant. Many find that it is more severe during their first pregnancy as the body is better conditioned to deal with these changes in later pregnancies. Digestive problems and strong scents have been shown to exacerbate the problem.

9: 4 Tips If Using An Ovulation Prediction Kit To Conceive A Boy
Today many couples are looking at ways where they can select the gender of the child that they conceive together. In this article we take a look at just one way which they may find useful if they want to know how to conceive a boy. One thing the couple need to know is exactly if the woman is ovulating so that the sperm carrying the male genes is able to fertilize the egg produced first. An ideal way of determining if ovulation has started in the woman is to use a prediction kit.

10: Prenatal should be taken according to the health care provider
Prenatal vitamins are taken by almost all the expectant mothers.

11: If Will I Pregnant
Usually a couple of weeks after the fertility treatment the clinic carrying out the procedure will also provide you with a pregnancy test but if you cannot wait, home pregnancy tests are easily obtained. It is important to remember though that if the test is carried out too soon after the treatment, the test might show a false positive.

12: Travel While Pregnant
Pregnant women need to plan their holidays and air travel with some extra care. The gynecologist would be the first person to contact to see if any special arrangements need to be made and if there are any medical reasons why it is unsafe to fly. Some women experience abnormal bleeding and an increase in their blood pressure, in which case the doctor would normally suggest that flying should be avoided and in particular if any swelling has been experienced.

13: Tips For Pregnant Women Who Tend To Get Exhausted
During pregnancy, women tend to get tired more often than usual. The first sign you're going to have a baby is if a woman starts feeling drowsy and weak during the day.

14: The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massages
Although maternity is a period for a mother to truly bond with the little one she is carrying, it might also result in a lot of physical cramps and problems. If your maternity progresses and your stomach gets bigger, the backaches and muscle sores will undoubtedly intensify. Obtaining a massage may greatly reduce these aches and pains and is something every expecting moms ought to look into.

15: Tips for the Perfect Nursery
Often, the baby's nursery is one of the smallest rooms in the home. Lots of nurseries are adapted from home offices, sewing rooms, and even walk in closets! There's nothing wrong with this, but it means you're working with a small, and frequently oddly shaped space.

16: Keeping Your Kids Off Prescription Drugs
Kids are still taking drugs to get high, but illicit drugs are no longer the biggest threat. Instead, teens are abusing prescription drugs these days and they are getting them from unsuspecting parents and family members. Many parents are unaware of this growing problem, but allowing your teen access to pain killers, anti depressants and ADD drugs in particular can be deadly.

17: Top Maternity Nightwear Choices
Plenty of pregnant women spend a long time planning their maternity wardrobes - for example, evening wear, pregnancy dresses, workwear. In any case, they often focus entirely on their daywear options and forget all about maternity nightwear until suddenly they can no longer struggle into their pre-pregnancy pyjamas and are left to spend the remainder of their pregnancy sleeping in uncomfortable oversize t-shirts.

18: Paternity Testing Information
A paternity test is the test that determines the likelihood that a man is the biological father of the child. A paternity test can provide unequivocal results in cases where there is any doubt as to the identity of a child's father, such as where a mother's fidelity is in question, or in some legal child support or custody cases.

19: Special Memories: A New Born Baby
A new born baby can bring joy, happiness, and a lot of sleepless nights. Seeing your child grow is one of the most memorable experiences you will see your entire life. These memories and moments will fly by, and even though you were there if your new born baby was met the family or fell asleep in the nursery for the first time, there will be thousands of other enjoyable sights along the way.

20: Infertility Solution - How To Cure Infertility Naturally
For a couple, having a baby is one of the most joyous moments in their lives together. In any case, there are some couples who find it hard to conceive. Of course consulting a fertility specialist is a good way of finding an effective infertility solution. But there are also some all-natural means which you may try. Some of them can be found below.

21: Male Factor Infertility - Are You Having Problems Conceiving Because Of It?
Doctors consider Male Factor Infertility as a leading cause of the reason why couples can't get pregnant. Of all of the couples wanting to conceive, that have had unprotected intercourse on a frequent schedule while in her most fertile time before ovulation each and every cycle, without the use of any kind of birth control for a minimum of 1 year, and still not able to conceive, studies indicate which more than 50% of the failure rate is actually caused by male factor infertility.

22: Problems You May Have If Considering Of Getting Pregnant.
If am I most fertile? It is an significant issue for anybody who would like to get pregnant. For those who have an idea of if you are most likely to get pregnant, you could possibly set things up to ensure that you try for a baby at that time frame.

23: Stay Fit And Trim During Pregnancy
Yoga during pregnancy is a remarkably useful method for mothers to stay in form and execute what is suitable for their infant-to-be. Prenatal Yoga helps one to unwind and to respire, making one capable to adapt to the necessities of gestation and labor. It grants relief from physical and mental strain which is vital during one's experience of pregnancy. Regardless of if you are completely new to yoga or if you are already a seasoned practician, you can nevertheless enjoy the profits of yoga during gestation. Take note though that a little safeguards should also be taken throughout some points in your gestation. One is that you shouldn't execute whatever poses on your back if you are afterwards your first trimester for it will trim the blood flow to your uterus. Also try to avoid stretching exceedingly for this will get you prone to strains, pulls and other injuries.

24: The 5 Facts About Reversal Vasectomy
How do you understand reversal vasectomy?

25: PreSeed Fertility Lubricant
"Sperm-Friendly" Preseed Personal Lubricant is actually the only real lubrication which should be used by TTC partners (trying-to-conceive). Certain other personal lubricants obtainable on the market form a buffer not allowing sperm to flow through the cervical opening. Preseed provides the the maximum sperm-friendly surroundings by moisturizing the vaginal canal by way of mimicking your natural cervical fluids. It is proven to be both safe and effective.

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