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Solutions to Get Rid of Wet Basements

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Wet basements are a problem in up to 60% of homes in this country, according to the American Society of Home Inspectors. Major causes of this problem include condensation, runoff and seepage beneath the surface caused by storm water back up. Sometimes a municipality's main sewer system or sanitary system is to blame.

With wet basements, identifying where the water is coming from is the first and most important step. If its a minor, reoccurring problem that will be costly to fix, such as subsurface groundwater pressure, you can protect your walls and flooring through preventive steps, such as placing professional-grade water absorbing mats or socks in problem areas.

Improperly installed lawn irrigation systems could lead to wet basements. The system might be discharging water too close to the house or it is going on if the grounds are already plenty wet from a recent rainstorm. A simple adjustment by the installer could solve the problem.

Wet basements are every so often the result of paved areas that have settled or are sloping toward your home. Any size slopes around your home should be graded away from it. Another problem could be cracks in the sealant that was applied to the pavement. A resealing job can easily fix the problem. Also consider that the ground around your homes foundation may have settled over the years, which may require adding more dirt into slopes or deep depressions around the foundation walls to prevent water leaks in the basement.

A good prevention method for wet basements is a water absorbent sock that can be placed along basement windows, doors and along the edges where the wall and floor meet. These water absorbing socks are often used in Florida to prevent water damage during hurricanes. They can hold up to one gallon of water at a time and can be dried out and used over again.

Wet basements may be caused by clogged gutters or incorrectly pitched downspouts. Sometimes, particularly in the fall, leaves and small twigs can clog gutters so clean them often. Extend the downspouts away from the house or be certain that they are pitched in a direction to prevent water from seeping into your basement.

Make sure that you fix the drainage issues near your home's foundation prior to the start of the rainy season, as bad rainstorms are common reasons for wet basements. You may want to think about installing a fan to improve circulation in the basement and avoid condensation buildup during this bad weather.

Should wet basements occur, you may notice a moldy or damp smell. Find the problem areas in your basement and use an absorbent mat or water absorbent sock to hold back the water flow. Preventative measures can stop water from leaking through porous material, joints or cracks.

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