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Choosing the right filter

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The growing number of online predators and scams has resulted in an array of internet filters to help combat the problem. Most of these programs are based on the same general concept, which is filtering through URLs and keywords to keep children safe while they are online. This article will discuss the basics of internet filtering software and what you should look for in a program.

Learn the methods

The average internet filtering software contains a list of URLs and keywords that are recommended as appropriate for children. For instance, many programs come included with ?safe lists? of URLs representing websites that do not contain adult content or inappropriate material and are considered safe for viewing.

The keyword method uses a list of words that have been associated with material unacceptible for children. These lists normally have words that relate to material that is either offensive or sexually explicit.

The major issue with this kind of filtering program is that it can be easily manipulated. Believe it or not, porn dealers and other less-than-reputable webmasters are well aware of filters and frequently update their content so that it passes through the filters with ease.

Children are Smarter Than We Think

You may understand that the intenet is full of dangerous things and people, but do you understand that most children are able to counteract your filter from the inside? If you can change the settings on a filter for good then your child might be able to do it for bad. Rules were NOT made to be brokenyet most do.

Many 10 year olds have more knowledge and ability on the computer than their parents. Because some parents just do not have the time to keep up with the web, it is necessary that you teach your children why it is important not to view inappropriate content while online and have consequences for doing so. A filter can be a very effective tool, but it should not be the only thing in place to protect them. Keeping the lines of communication open is the key.

Recommended Internet Filtering Features

Parents who allow their child to be online with out being their to supervise them need a filter. Don't just install the filter on one computer but rather on any the child can use, if you want the filter to be successful. There are various filters that have been designed specifically for children.

The best internet filtering software utilizes a list of keywords and URLs to safeguard children, in addition to security features that prevent them from making alterations. It should allow you to add or subtract from the database as your child grows and their viewing habits change. Look for internet filtering software that offers an intuitive interface that is both easy for you and your children to use.

As was stated earlier, there are many filters available ranging from cheap to expensive. It is a parents duty to protect their children and with the dangerous pitfalls laid by bad people your children need to be safe while online.

Many more dangers exist that this article has not even approached which aim directly for unknowing children. The fight to keep your children safe online is a real one, be certain you are doing all you can to win.

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