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What it feels like to make money online!

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At the beginning of this year I was in a rough patch - have you ever been there? I was just coming out of a tough spot financially and had also undergone a nerve-racking family situation. My daily planner was maxed out: young children, working full-time and trying to finish a graduate degree in order to get promoted.

Earning extra money was not a want - it was a need. Taking on a second job was out of the question; I had too much on my plate already. While talking with some friends I learned that they were making extra money on the Internet. They weren't all that tech savvy, so I figured that if they could make extra money online, then so could I!

I began Googling all the unconventional strategies, methods and techniques to make money on the Internet. I quickly found that there was such an overabundance of information that I became overwhelmed. I had no idea what questions to ask, even about what questions to ask!

There were three common threads between the different online programs: the members were able to work from home, many worked part time and they were able to mold their online work around the rest of the stuff going on in their lives. Each of those were things I knew I wanted to do.

After reading over many reviews, I found a program that made sense and give clear instructions on how to begin. I became a member of the Independent Profit Center (IPC) program.

I was comfortable with technology and computers, but not with the marketing aspect. Their training was one of the primary reasons that joined the Independent Profit Center. It included a full set of online videos that take you through every step of getting started and making money with IPC. That's what I needed and that's exactly what I got!

One of the key elements that made me feel comfortable with the program was their support system. If I had a problem, I knew I could call their support line or send an email. All the emails and calls I submitted have been returned by their next working day. Many of the emails I sent were even replied to the same day. Having the right kind of support makes all the difference if are you are just getting started, trust me - I know.

In the IPC training area you are provided with several different methods of promotion. Some of them, like Pay-per-click (PPC), cost money. Others, like article marketing, are free. I tried PPC for a while and switched solely to the free methods because my advertising budget was very small (by "small", I mean "nonexistent") (know where I'm coming from?).

I was really impressed by their ideas for marketing with YouTube. I jumped on that technique right away and have been quite successful with it. The most successful method though, was one I found through my research. Article marketing is one of the free (and extremely effective) techniques in the IPC training videos, but I took that concept up a few notches if I discovered a free system of article promotion. Using that idea alone I was able to get my website on page 1 of Google's search results in only 10 days - without spending any money. You can read about how I did it on my "Search Results Experiment" page on my blog.

I was ecstatic if I found I had made my first IPC sale! I kept reading the confirmation email that I had received over and over. My hands shook with excitement as a I rushed to log in to my bank account. There, just like the IPC sign-up page had said, I had "$200 deposited directly into my bank account!" I was hooked; I knew this was precisely what I wanted to be doing!

Making money with IPC doesn't just stop with making a sale. You likewise have the opportunity to make a residual income with the 3up program (as in you keep on getting paid). I made a video on my blog about the 3up program that shows exactly how it works, so be sure to watch it.

What really excites me is that the techniques I have learned and am learning with the IPC program are also effective in creating other streams of online income.

subscribe to more IPC Program videos on my YouTube channel: TheInternetViking

Perhaps it is clich to say, but I know that if I was able to make money online, that anyone else can too. You can be that person! Starting out I had hardly any money, but I did have a strong ambition to earn extra income - my way. IPC has shown me how to do that and can for you too. Don't hold yourself back, join my IPC team and start getting $200 deposited over and over into your bank account!

~Toasting to your Success!~ Nick Swanson the Internet Viking Phone: (800) 471-6051

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