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Nursing Home Abuse - The Truth Behind it

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For the most part, the nursing home and elder care facilities that comprise the bulk of the assisted living communities across the United States are filled with well trained, caring and attentive staff members who keep the surroundings clean and attend to the patients to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, though, this isn't the case across the board and in a field like this -the majority simply isn't enough.

There have been plenty of reported cases in the last several years of nursing home abuse and neglect. Some of these cases stem from the facilities being grossly understaffed and some from hiring unqualified or unscrupulous employees who don't have to go through any kind of training process and who aren't watched as closely as they should be while they are caring for the patients and residents.

Sadly, Nursing Home Abuse is a tragedy that is one hundred percent preventable - if the offending facilities had better management and more structured rules and policies in place then we would probably see a very large percent of the abuse that occurs today disappear - add in background checks and stringent hiring policies for all prospective employees and it is likely that injury would all but disappear.

This isn't limited to just actual physical abuse, it could include a number of other equally reprehensible offenses including theft of money and property from residents, neglecting the food and medicinal needs of residents and not keeping the residents or their environment as clean as necessary for the best chances of remaining healthy.

If you have a loved one who resides in a nursing home and have any proof, or even any suspicion of potential abuse, you need to take action immediately. The first step is to speak with the management of the facility to express your concerns - let them know exactly what you've seen in addition to any suspicions you may have, if the situation is an isolated incident or if the party suspected of the abuse has had any previous complaints or allegations against them then this contact with the management may be enough to end the alleged abuse.

If you suspect and/or see evidence of physical abuse like unexplained bruising, cuts and scrapes or broken bones then a meeting with the management won't be enough. If you feel that your loved one is being physically abused in the nursing home at which they reside you should get in contact with a personal injury lawyer right away.

A local personal injury lawyer may already have knowledge of previous abuse situations that have gone on in the same facility, they will be able to look at medical records and identify if the injuries listed are consistent with physical abuse and they'll be able to guide you through the entire process as it unfolds.

Promises and excuses from the management of a nursing home are never enough in the event of abuse. Understand that the management will do whatever it takes to protect themselves from appearing in court as a defendant.

If the allegations of abuse are true, something needs to be done so that nothing like that ever happens again in that location. Threat of and follow through with a lawsuit and representation by a reputable personal injury attorney can force those ne

A widely publicized lawsuit could lead to the necessary staffing changes, the stricter rules and hiring policies put in place by the management and reparations for the damage that has already been done. Though none of these things will take away the pain that was inflicted from the initial abuse, they can collectively help to ensure that it will never happen again.

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