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Older Women Dating Younger Men than Themselves

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There are many people involved with older or younger people than themselves. Most of the time if you are dating someone 5 years older and up then you are considered to be dating someone much older than yourself. These kind of relationships have been going on since the very beginning. It is very common to see a younger woman with an older man, noone is surprised by that. Most of the time, having a younger woman is considered to be a trophy for an older man, and most men like to be recognized for their accomplishments.

If an older man has a younger mate, they are considered by their peers to be somewhat better or have more stamina. Becaus it is much more difficult to keep up with someone that much younger than ourselves. They can keep up sexually with their younger partner, or so it is assumed, and this is looked upon as being a good thing by their peers. There is also a sense that the younger person will stay with them longer and giving the older person a sense of security in the relationship.

Something that you do not hear a lot about, even in this day and age, is older women dating younger men. That is something you just do not hear about a lot. Cougars (women who like younger men) go after them for many reasons. They are secured in their self being, usually have gone through a lot in their lives and have learned from their mistakes. They have a lot to loose so they are very careful who they choose as their partner. They often know what they want and know exactly how to get it.

Because these women we call cougars know exactly what they want in a man, they are much more picky if it comes to choosing a mate. They have made all the mistakes tha their younger counterparts are making now and have learned a great deal from them. They are on the look out for different things than they traditionally were on the look out for if they were younger. They like the excitement that a younger man brings, but they also want him to be mature. Cougars are often health conscious, eat properly and exercise.

Not everything is perfect in older-younger relationships. Sometimes there is such a generational gap that they just can not overcome it. They can not understand each other on a mental level. Even if they click on a physical level, if they can not get over the mental defiiciney of their relationship, it may be doomed for failure. These kinds of relationships can and do work, you just need to be on the same page as one another and understand that their are differences.

People that are in these kinds of relationships often are victims of the other person cheating. This may be because of the generational differences, it may also be because the other person just does not understand them or there is no physical connection any longer. The statistics on these kind of relationships are sketchy at best, but infedelity does happen and it is thought to happen at a much higher rate. If you suspect cheating, do your homework and get to the bottom of it. If you find a number in their pocket or a name in their briefcase, use one of the many people and telephone number lookup sites on the internet to do some research on your partner. You could also do some research before you start your relationship. It is much better to be safe than sorry.

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