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Getting an Insight into Our Chakra System

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New Age philosophers and alternative medicine practitioners use the term Chakrology to illustrate the study of the human bodys energy points also known as the chakra system. It was the Ancient Hindus who first became aware of the existence of a chakra system in our being and used it for the practice of healing.

There are seven major energy centers among the several thousands that make up our chakra system. These seven major chakra points are the doorways of energy that we gather from our environment and surroundings (including other individuals) that make up the complete person that we are in terms of spirituality, physical and mental existence as a human being.

Each major energy point of our bodys chakra system possesses a unique function which contributes to a unique feature of our individuality. Although they work independently of each other, they are at the same time processing the energy they gather towards a common goal: our well being.

Although there are various models of the human bodys chakra system they have one thing in common, all models depict an uncanny illustration of the human bodys endocrine system and how the various endocrine glands chemically signal and communicate to one another.

New Age philosophers go further in giving a graphic representation of the bodys major chakras by assigning one of the primary colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet for each of the seven major energy centers in our body. Coincidental or not, colors are also used to depict different levels of energy that emanate from the environment, including the people and objects therein.

The significance and existence of chakras is primarily assumed to exist in our awareness (psyche). Nonetheless, there are advocates who firmly believe that chakras likewise have a physical manifestation and exist not just in the consciousness. Not without basis though as more and more study on the subject reveals what the Ancient Hindus and other Eastern Civilizations have claimed thousands of years ago: that there is a distinct and direct connection between the locations and performance/behavior of the chakras and of the endocrine glands of our body.

The seven major chakra points of our body have an integral role in making us what we are " healthy or unhealthy.

Due to the holistic nature of energy fields, both within and outside our body, any interruption in the regular function of any of the seven major energy centers results in a corresponding malfunction in our physical being, which every so often go unnoticed for long periods of time. It is therefore important that the complete body, both physical and metaphysical, is properly taken cared of and nurtured in order to achieve balance and harmony.

Of the major energy points of our chakra system, only five are believed to possesses a front part (usually dominant) and a rear part (less dominant). The first chakra (located at the base of the spine and portrays an individuals physical vitality and survival) and the seventh chakra (located at the crown of the head and portrays a persons totality of being and spiritual perfection) are usually represented as having only one dominant component. The other five energy points of our chakra systems are spaced between the first and seventh chakras.

This even makes it more important to realize the functions of our chakra system and how to manipulate them to our advantage in order for them to send and receive energy in equal amounts.

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