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The Real Secrets Of Telepathy

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Telepathy can have many meanings to many people, the simply put definition is that it is being able to feel what another feels without being around them. This must be done without being able to see them, hear them, or touch them physically.

If you are thinking of speaking on another plane, you could be speaking telepathically. It is highly known amongst those involved in animal husbandry, that many species have some form of telepathic behavior. Whether it be insects that are communal to the dolphins who use a more obvious form of telepathy called sonar, the fact is that telepathy is real for many critters.

Groups of primitive cultures have been thought to have telepathic abilities. Some of the more aboriginal tribes of today are said to still be engaging in some sort of telepathy.

There are many common cases of telepathy, though it is still considered by some to just be witch craft or that telepathy does not exist at all. While the reality is that one can learn this ability as one learns other aspects of human life such as writing and talking to one another in a way that is comprehensible. If we have problems with these tasks, we do not say they do not exist because we can not learn them, we just adapt our learning to circumvent the block or problem that causes the learning disability.

It is sad to say that we have lost much of our telepathic ability if once it was as pronounced in some as being musical can bring out a response from another.

As brought up before, telepathy has some times gone by the sixth sense. Another common analogy for telepathy is the third eye. This is the eye that sees beyond our normal vision.

Intuition is a form of telepathy. You know that feeling that someone is watching your or the hair on your arms starts to tingle? That is telepathy in its purest form. Most of the time if you have these feelings, you are correct in your assessment. How many times have your children woken you up by just looking at you while you sleep, intuitively, even in your sleeping state you sense that someone is there and wake up.

It may be wondered by some if did we stop having more profound telepathy as opposed to intuition. More formalized religion can surely take some of the blame. Most forms of structured religious beliefs do not adhere to the fact that telepathy exists, instead it is assumed and associated with darker cultures. This gives the common man a fear of what telepathy can do that may be evil.

Faith no longer belongs to the human being but to outside forces or gods. Instead of putting faith in ourselves, we cherish and worship gods to match our personal beliefs.

As a consequence of the celestial quality of formalized religious gods, whether they be Christian, Jewish or Muslim, most of the traditional influential people have nixed the idea of telepathy as it does not fit in with faith of said gods. It is rare, but more modern day theology pursuers are beginning to realize that telepathy may indeed exist.

Another problem the modern world has with telepathy is its elusiveness from an orthodox scientific perspective. Despite the evidence for telepathy that has been uncovered by biologists, anthropologists, some open-minded physicists, and everyday people who have the experiences, the common scientific view is that telepathy cannot be numerically measured, or tasted, or touched precisely enough to be given serious consideration.

It is hard to explain why there is no scientific belief in telepathy. Other senses can be felt by every human being, yet telepathy is only well known to just a small portion of the world. But even with the proofs in place, some will just refuse to believe or even contemplate the existence of telepathy. Some other things that require a trust in a sense to believe in are widely accepted, such as animal instincts.

There may be a sort of envy involved if it comes to telepathy. It is felt that scientists may decide to ignore the fact or to mislabel telepathy as instinct.

It is hard to say if we humans became bereft of our natural telepathy. Perhaps the gods decided that we no longer needed it.

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