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Cleansing Our Chakras For Life Changing Results!

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Our physical, spiritual and mental health are closely intertwined. Our chakras are an important part of our being and are essential to our good health and like the rest of us; they are affected by external factors, whether environmental or spiritual. To stay in good health, you need to take care of all of you - chakra cleansing is an important part of caring for yourself. If your chakras are working properly, you?ll have the ideal energy flow through your body and your entire being will benefit.

Every part of our being depends in every other part, meaning that chakra cleansing is every bit as important to your health as is eating well and getting regular exercise!

What follows is a list of some of the chakra cleansing techniques which have been shown to be effective and have been used for many centuries.

*Smudging with certain herbs and other plants, particularly white sage can help by clearing away blockages in your chakras caused by negative energies. Burn some white sage in a closed room for a few minutes, allowing the smoke to fill the room.

*Auric brushing: Crystals and gems can be used to heal and cleanse chakras, but should only be done by a trained professional as if not done the right way, this technique can cause damage.

*Diet: Eat a healthy, well balanced diet and get plenty of water and pure fruit and vegetable juices. Get adequate sleep every day as if your body is in good shape, your chakras will also benefit.

*Regular exercise and proper breathing helps to keep your chakras working properly.

*Spend some time in a natural setting. This can even be a park or your back yard but spending some time appreciating nature will go a long way towards chakra cleansing.

*Color therapy: Every chakra corresponds to a color. By looking at these colors or even just visualizing them, you can stimulate your chakras into proper function and clear away energy blockages.

*Music: Music is a powerful means of chakra cleansing in addition to a way to activate chakras and boost the function of the endocrine system.

*Keep your mind sharp: Try to keep learning new things and give your mind some exercise too! This keeps your chakras active as well and less prone to being blocked by negative energies.

*Meditation and reflection: Take a few minutes each day to think things over. Not only will you get perspective on the events of the day, you will also find this to be a good technique for chakra cleansing.

*Love yourself: You cannot give or receive love until you first love yourself; love causes the production of brain chemicals which produce a sensation of well being and is also healthy for your chakras.

*Be attuned to your emotions. You need to acknowledge your emotions and be able to communicate them to others if needed. Repressing your emotions is not good for your mental or spiritual health and can cause blockages of negative energy in your chakras.

*Creativity: You need to make creativity a part of your life. Letting your creativity out will make you a happier person and allow for proper chakric function.

*Accepting the possibilities of past lives and learning from them. This can give you an increased self awareness which will help you to more effectively practice chakra cleansing.

*Make your life one which is lived with honesty, trust and respect for others; the same will come to you.

*Prayer: Like meditation, prayer can quiet your mind and the more quiet you become, the more you can hear; this can open your mind and keep your chakras in balance.

These are all methods of chakra cleansing which should be incorporated into your life. You may not experience instant results with chakra cleansing, but if you make these methods a regular part of your day, you'll soon see increased health, self awareness and happiness through chakra cleansing.

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