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Depression and Anxiety, Emotional Roller Coaster.

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Many mood related changes occur fairly usually amongst everyone' life.

And also, even mood related mania in addition to depression affects us regularly at some time or other. In between these episodes though, most of those who suffer from mood swings are fairly free of any kind of symptoms. About a third of those who suffer from mood swings will still exhibit some symptoms while a very small percent will carry on having these mood swings despite therapy and treatment.

The main causes of mood swings are supposed to be a chemical imbalance in the brain and hormonal changes, which apparently affect women more than men, according to recent medical studies.

Effects of Chemical Imbalance

Almost all modern studies have shown that just as the body reacts to chemical imbalances and needs to be treated, the brain too can suffer from chemical imbalances.

Mood swings are one just effect of chemical imbalance in the brain. All the emotions and feelings that we experience - like joy or sorrow, fear or stress, anxiety or depression - are a direct result of the actions of certain chemicals called neurotransmitters, which are released in the brain.

The amount of neurotransmitters that are released, the extent and the rapidity with which they are absorbed, determines how the person feels. Among the well known neurotransmitters, chemicals, which can have an effect on the way people feel, are serotonin, GABA and norepenephrine amongst others.

Most medications and therapies aimed at helping mood swings try to re-establish the chemical balance as also help with the proper release and re-absorption of these chemicals.

Effects of Hormonal Changes

Women and teenagers go through many hormonal changes. Women usually go through hormonal changes at the time of their menstrual cycles, at the time of pregnancy, post-partum and at menopause. These hormonal changes trigger mood swings in most of them. Similarly, teenagers also go through plenty of mood swings at the time of puberty if there is an increase of sex hormones in the body.

In most cases, the mood swings go away once the hormone levels return back to normal.

Extreme forms of mood swings are normally associated with episodes of depression or mania.

Here are some of the common symptoms of depression and mania:

Symptoms of Depression

Continuously sad, feeling of emptiness and anxiety

No interest or joy in common activities

No interest or joy in sexual activities

Tremendous irritability and excessive restlessness

Excessive crying

Overpowering feelings of incompetence, worthlessness and helplessness

Too much hopelessness and pessimism

Extreme sleeping patterns - sleeping too much or sleeping too little

Not being able to sleep at all - insomnia

Obvious loss of appetite leading to noticeable weight loss

Else, overeating leading to noticeable weight gain

Decreased energy levels, constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue

At times, thinking even of suicide

Great difficulty in concentrating

Frequent forgetfulness or having trouble remembering

Continuing physical symptoms which do not seem to respond to treatment like digestive ailments and headaches

Symptoms of Mania

An extremely elevated mood


Being able to manage with very little sleep

Talking too much

Having grand notions or grand ideas for the future

Increased physical and sexual activity

Displaying poor judgment

Displaying inappropriate social behaviour

Even if a person suffers from mood swings and in some cases, experience episodes of mania or depression, most of the time, these problems can be treated successfully. Without treatment though, these mood disorders usually tend to only worsen leading to more frequent occurrences and more severe manic and depressive behaviours can result over time.

It is therefore imperative that as soon as mood swings start affecting someone they take proper treatment with the help of which they can resume their normal course of life.

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