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E-Cig Sales Spike Signifying Demand for Healthier Smoking Alternatives

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Electronic cigarettes are fairly new to the U.S. market, so you may not have noticed them yet. The price of these e-cigs may appear fairly lofty, but comparing them to regular cigarettes divulges a much more money-savvy side to their cost. Their potential as a bank-saver isnt the only reason why these devices are getting so much attention. eCigs closely resemble and function like analog cigarettes. An LED tip illuminates if a user drags from the mouthpiece and they don't cause air pollution like a traditional cigarette. Therefore, it is not illegal to use in smoke free sections. These promising electronic alternatives are stirring interest and speculation of plenty of folks all over opting to stop puffing their ordinary cigarettes.

This form of smoking was invented in 2004 by a Chinese company and has just recently come state-side. Steadily increasing sales volumes have indicated more and more smokers realizing the electronic cigarettes potential as a healthier option. Exact numbers are hard to pin down, but in just the last 12 months one of the well-established distributors reported more than 300,000 sold! Further, e-cigs have been listed in last years Top 10 Health Trends. There is no question they are gaining traction, but the query on every smoker's mind is, are they truly safer than tradition tobacco cigs?

Electronic cigarettes are not packed with tobacco but do have the same physical look of a tobacco cigarette " a 100 wide to be exact. The rechargeable lithium battery does make the unit weigh more but otherwise they could easily be mistaken for a tobacco cigarette. They contain only two main ingredients " nicotine and propylene glycol (PG). You have probably been using PG for several years in some or most of your personal care products. PG is also the main ingredient in the fluid used in smoke machines. A computer chip in the battery of the e-cig monitors if a user pulls air through the unit and turns on the red LED tip, simulating a flare. This then also activates the heating coil, referred to as the atomizer, and liquefies the PG/nicotine mouthpiece. The result is a nicotine-filled vapor which impressively simulates real smoke. Even the most seasoned smokers agree the total experience is as similar to a traditional cigarette as possible.

Cartridges usually come in 4 strengths - high, medium, low and zero. A "high" cartridge contains approximately the same amount of nicotine per puff as standard strength cigarettes, but you get an impressive amount out of it - estimated around 300 puffs, as opposed to 15. The e-cigarette is good to go if you desire it, and by picking the right cartridge, you allow yourself to monitor your nicotine intake. Cartridges differ in price, but can be as inexpensive as a dollar each. The e-cigarette is likely to deliver lower nicotine levels than traditional smoking, which is good from some perspectives, and negative from others.

Electronic Cigarettes only give off vaporized propylene glycol, which can appear to be smoke, but is non-threatening. Regular cigarettes emit harmful chemical vapors like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde which endangers the people around us. Unlike regular cigarettes which contain over four thousand of cancer causing agents, e-cigarettes include zero. This makes second hand smoke a extremely minute health risk to others and possibly eliminates the risk completely, if it is emitted by an e-cigarette.

Currently, there isn't any systematic proof with or against e-cigarettes helping you kick the smoking habit forever, but some smokers have already indicated they were able to scale back their nicotine intake and achieve freedom from the habit. The tapering level of nicotine in your cartridges can help you focus on kicking the drug habit before the smoking habit, but it still requires personal drive to make progress. Smokers who do not wish to quit smoking the electronic cigarette will still be able to enjoy the benefit of a healthier, cleaner smoking alternative. They are indisputably less costly, there is no discoloring of teeth, you can use them indoors, your outfits don't smell like smoke, there is no risk to others around you, and virtually the entire list of negative results of smoking are removed.

If you want to try an exciting, new method of smoking, the e-cigarette may very well be what you've been on the look out for. The price is right, the benefits are clear, and the product is very handy. e-cigs are being sold across the world, and sales are soaring. Check out the new e-cigarette, and see why so many smokers prefer it to standard smoking.

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