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Frightening Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Facts

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The seriousness and severity of alcoholism and drug addiction are massively underestimated - because do enough people understand their dangers and the damage that they can cause?

Here then are a few drug addiction and alcoholism facts that will hopefully help a few more of us become aware of the devastation that they can cause. Drugs and alcohol can not only destroy and take innocent lives, but devastate communities and families.

1) More than 50% of all fatal road accidents involve alcohol

2) Drug and alcohol abuse is a major factor in the premature death and unnecessary injury of young men and women.

3) Violent and aggressive behaviour caused by alcohol is said to account for approximately 50% of murders and 52% of rapes.

4) Approximately 92% of household theft and street muggings are made by drug addicts to get the money they need to fund their addiction.

5) In the United States alone, you have around 20 million people older than 12 who use drugs, and close on 20,000 die every year because of their habit.

I've just briefly brought up a few drug and alcohol related facts and statistics - but the message is hopefully loud and clear. So I just don't get how we still live in a binge drinking culture where alcohol abuse is glamorised and regarded as cool/socially acceptable. You could half understand it if it were just teenagers going on about their drinking exploits - but adults are even worse. I just don't think the message of the dangers and damage that alcohol can cause gets through to enough people.

I get mad that more isn't being done to target the dealers supplying drugs, particularly the young kids living in our communities. How cowardly is that - getting kids who don't know any better and are the most vulnerable - addicted to heroin and amphetamines etc?

My fear is - I just don't see how things are going to get better - because there is a limit to what we can do. Prevention is the only cure, but that is never realistically going to happen in large enough numbers, so mindsets need to change and become aware of the damage and pain alcohol can cause - and a way urgently has to be found to get more drugs off our streets.

These facts and statistics with regards alcoholism and drug addiction are only a drop in the ocean because we're dealing with problems that are simply out of control. Ultimately though it is up to us to take responsibility for our own lives, lead by example and hope others follow. With time we can only hope that mindsets change and progress is made.

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