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Some of the world's most beautiful destinations

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Luxury holidays can be taken around the globe and are tailor made for your particular tastes. Not only will you stay in luxurious accommodations but you can have your choice of holiday from honeymoons, family holidays, golf holidays, wine and food holidays, hiking and walking holidays, spa holidays, adventure holidays, fishing holidays, skiing vacation and much more.

You can find a luxury holidays for any budget and they all will be memorable. You will be able to choose from many trips and will have everything provided that you may need. The price of the holiday will depend on any provided meals, types of accommodation, activities, and the number of people in your group. You can find luxury holidays that are all inclusive or a partially structured holiday that allows you the freedom to explore.

The South Pacific is a very popular holiday destination. You will have the chance to see some of the most beautiful scenery, relaxing on the beach, visit waterfalls, go scuba diving with sharks, repelling down cliffs and visiting jungles. You can chose to visit many of the islands in the South Pacific or simply spend your time at one glorious spot, enjoying the sun and the sand.

Luxury holidays in Europe are extensive with many five star accommodations and Michelin star restaurants in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Portugal, Croatia, Greece and Cyprus, to name but a few. Every country has much to offer and is different. Sip some of the best wine in the world while overlook a 100 year old vineyard. Talk a walk on white sand beach with you feet in the clear, turquoise water, or explore all of the history and culture that is available in Europe.

You can visit some of the world's greatest and most fantastic spots in South America. You can see the tallest waterfall in the world, the world's greatest river, the highest active volcano in the world and the world's largest mountain range. It is possible to experience the complete range of seasons as South America spans both the southern and northern hemisphere. It is possible to go to the ski slopes and then spend some time on a tropical beach. You can also enjoy the clash or integration of European style cities with indigenous culture.

See the sites in Brazil, the Easter Islands, the Galapagos, the Ecuadorian Jungle, Peru, skiing in Chile, the Atacama Desert, Panama, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica, Bora Bora, the Chilean Patagonia, and Argentina.

There is a lot of luxury travel available in Asia as the continent is the largest populated one in the world. As with South America you have a choice of both tropical and wintry destinations. See India with its youthful government and colorful life, visit the pristine beaches of the South Seas and some of the best jungle sin the world in Brunei, see the extensive history in China, enjoy Malaysia's rainforests, beaches and tropical islands, and see the mix of tradition and commercialism in Thailand. You can also enjoy Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam and Bali.

See the unknown on an African safari, which offers nature, as you have never seen it. Travel with a knowledgeable guide who will keep you safe during your entire safari. Have your accommodation completely set up before you arrive and enjoy gourmet meals every evening by a fire.

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