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Ways to Clear your Wedding Party and Unique Wedding Favors

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Any order placed must be paid for before the favors are delivered to the buyer. There are many ways that the spouses can use to clear the wedding party and unique wedding favors. The first mode of payment is using cash. Here the order is placed and the total figure is cleared using cash money. This mostly occurs in situations as if the goods are purchased from a store. The goods paid for can be carried home right away or the store delivers them later. Cash payments are good for no extra charges are levied and discounts are also given by the supplier due to giving them a boost their cash flow. The only disadvantage of this method is that carrying liquid cash around is prone to attack robbers.

If the wedding is abit far onto the future the brides and the groom may opt to give checks. The seller will bank the check and commence the processing of the order once the cash is remitted into his account. This could take about a week maximum. Most suppliers will not take personal checks and prefer bankers checks particularly if they are not well familiar with the buyer. The couple should take care and ensure that their account has enough money to avoid the bouncing of checks. If the check bounces the seller will lose confidence with you and add the charges on his account to your bill if not sue you.

The supplier may also accept payments through checks issued by reputable banks; most of them prefer bankers checks which are bought from the bank and can hardly bounce. The shops that recommend payment by checks or credit-cards are those whose turnovers are very high making cash payment expose them to robberies. Once the personal check clears, or the bankers check is presented and verified the order processing commences. If the store allows credit facilities for the gifts, the clearing of the checks signify total settlement of the debt. Penalties could be heaved on you if you delay or default payment in the required time.

In some cases you may trade in some of your valuables to clear a wedding party and unique wedding favors. Some shops and acquainted manufacturers may offer you the option of provide something. This is common with the antique and pawn shops where you may be in possession of a treasure that you do not use and is needed by one of their clients. Other items as furniture, automobile and many others can serve this purpose. This is very common if you contract a friend to make the gifts for you and you are short of cash.

In some places bank deposits and transfers have become very popular. A couple may have cash in the bank but have a pathetic credit history and than making them withdraw money to pay for the intended favors they just deposit funds into the suppliers account. To prove the transaction has been completed they present the banking slip to thee supplier and the deal is sealed. There are other methods used in paying for wedding party and unique wedding party favors as doing personal favors, service exchange or barter trade and goods transfers. The methods used are determined by the nature of the transaction, the amounts involved and the familiarization of the dealers. As the business techniques increase we look forward to many more methods of safe payment from anywhere in the world.

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