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Get Your Ex Back Into You

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A huge reason for couples breaking up is one partner is no longer into the other. Hes Not That Into You is a bestselling book. And both men and women fall into and out of love with each other all the time. Why does this happen? Why if things start off so well do mates every so often fall out of love with us?

There are many reasons why your ex may no longer be into you. Could be the sex has gotten stale. Could be too much fighting and clashing of wills. Could be they think you are too pushy, too loud, too quiet, too whatever.

Whatever the reason, getting your ex back into you is a big challenge. They have usually withdrawn emotionally if they decided you were no longer the one for them.

So is there any way to get them back into into you again?

It is difficult, but in some cases it can be done. It takes some detective work, some humility, and a willingness to change.

The first step is to do some detective work and figure out as closely as you can why they lost interest. Were you too pushy and did you talk all the time, hardly letting them get in a word edgewise? Did you gain weight or work too much and spend too little time with them?

If you can figure out as objectively as possibly why they lost interest in you, then the next step is to figure out if you are willing to change that about yourself. If they lost interest because you gained 20 lbs, do you want to diet for them and get back into better shape? If you lost your job and stopped earning money, are you willing to work 3 part time jobs to make up for it?

If you are willing to change yourself some to give them what they want, then the next hurdle is to talk with them and convince them that you'll change that thing. Convince them that you will give them what they want if they give you a chance to prove it to them. This won't always work, but it is one of the few methods you can use to try to get your ex back into you.

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