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How To Have Easy Wedding Favors That Are Different

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Wedding favors are one of the more interesting aspects of planning a wedding but often left a little late in the preparations. Ideas for treats are usually plentiful so there are bound to be enough to suit your budget and taste. This is important because it can take a great deal of stress if you realize the big event is rapidly approaching and these haven't been organized.

Flowers are undoubtedly one easy wedding favor you can give to your guests. Fortunately, as far as the bride and groom are concerned, apart from choosing which flowers to have, there is little for them to do.

A symbol of love, the red rose is one of the more popular choices and they do not require much preparation. Placing the rose on the wedding reception table where the guest are seated is a nice touch and doesn't need to be done until the last minute.

These days the favorite is using candy and almost three quarters of events will use this as an easy wedding favor which can be enhanced by using a presentation tin. A simpler but possibly more interesting method is to present the candy that does away with expensive centerpieces altogether. This method has been taken from an idea used by families at Christmas and uses a large glass bowl filled with different types of candy.

To complete this idea, a small plain bag or carton can be left for each wedding guest to put their candy into. Of course this means that you won't have to wrap anything yourself but it should get the thumbs up from everyone.

Pictures frames can also work well particularly if they are used as place card holders. This is a good idea but wrapping this kind of wedding favor can put many people off particularly if there are a large number of guests. If you use the frames to hold the place cards however, wrapping will not be necessary.

One final idea for a very easy wedding favor is to give each guest a digital photo of themselves at the reception by hiring a photographer to take a picture of each couple as they arrive at the wedding reception. So to be certain each guest leaves with their photo, the photographer could take along a fast digital printer then they could be printed out while the guests are enjoying the reception. As most wedding photographs are in groups, a photograph with just one couple at a time showing them at their best would be a welcomed wedding favor. It would also be nice if the photographer could bring along a digital projector so all the photos he had taken of the guests could then be shown on a screen during the reception meal.

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