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How to Stay Safe on A Tropical Island

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Everyone likes to go to some exotic island for a holiday. There's nothing better than spending your days on some exotic beach while sipping a nice drink from a coconut. People typically think of islands a safe destination to travel to with little to worry about but there are many things that can go wrong while traveling and it is important that you keep your common sense even if you are just laying on a beach.

First, you want to protect yourself from incests. You don't want to end up with dengue or malaria or covered in mosquito bites. Be sure to always were repellent if you are outside. Be particularly sure to wear it during sunrise and sunset if mosquitoes are most active. The humidity of tropical islands is high and there are a lot of bugs out there. Make sure to protect yourself.

Most tropical islands cater to tourists who stay in resorts and buy expensive things. This means that there is a lot of money on these islands and tourists are a target. Make sure to watch out for your personal safety while you are here. Don't flash money or carry a lot on you. Be sure to be careful as you don't want to get ripped off, robbed, or taken for a ride. Practice the same common sense you do at home and you will be fine.

Make sure to spend a limited amount of time in the sun. You don't want to get burnt or end up with sun stroke. Be sure to apply a lot of of sunscreen while outside. Make sure to choice a high SPF and let the sunscreen dry before you go outside as sunscreen doesn't work if it is wet. If you are getting burnt, get out of the sun. Getting burnt can lead to sunstroke and you don't want that to happen. You want to go home with some color not looking like sick lobster.

Finally, be careful if you do activities. There are many great island activities to do that can have you off the beach and exploring the jungle or the ocean. Make sure you go with a licensed tour guide and that you have travel insurance to cover any accident or health issue that comes up. You don't want find out you are not covered if you break a leg while trekking in the jungle.

Islands are pretty safe destinations- more so than say a safari in Africa. In any case, no place is 100% safe and there are still many things that can go wrong while you are on holiday and lounging on a beach. Be sure to practice good island safety tips so that you will not have your holiday ruined by some small disaster that could have been easily avoided. No one wants a holiday full of bad memories.

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