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To Look at Evolution to Find a Mate Here are Relationship Advice for Men

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What is the best relationship advice for men? What should men know if they want a relationship to work for the long haul?

There is most likely a solitary main piece of relationship advice that should be given to men is to stop listening to what the women claim that they want, and be observant to what they display of what they really want.

How do they display what they want? It is as simple as observing what kind of men they choose.

Women say "I prefer a man who listens to me." And yet they take the man who controls the conversation. Another is that they say, "I want a guy who has a good sense of humor." But they go out with the guy who possesses money.

Why do women frequently say they desire one thing but in reality would go out with someone who is the complete opposite? The key to that query lies in the subliminal motivators for getting together. And, in there rests my relationship advice for men.

The historical, biological reason for men and women to get together is to propagate the species. In other words, just because getting pregnant may be the last thing on her conscious mind, if she evaluates a man at the subconscious level, she's still on the look out for a good papa for her children.

Is the good dad someone who listens to her? No, it is someone who will provide for her children. And, the person who can provide for her children is someone who has the confidence to bring home the bacon.

Women call for men who can be excellent providers. Whereas a man can send out thousands of sperm on repetitive occurrence all the way through their adult lives, still into their 90s, women have approximately 400 prospect of producing a baby. As a effect, they are searching for a man who be able to provide longevity and stability for their babies.

A man who tells a women he is a lawyer and not a paralegal will have a better chance of landing her. That is because she perceives that a lawyer is a better provider for her future children.

But just having a good income is really not enough. A woman needs to take in that a man is munificent with his resources and will provide for her children. That is why women rank such a high significance on gifts such as jewelry.

It may also be why the engagement ring must be such a large purchase. If you ask a woman to marry you, you give her a ring, not just because it is traditional and romantic, but because it is a tangible display that you can provide for her and her children.

In addition, even though the modern humans make much money more from their brains than their brawn, women are somehow still predetermined to think of strength is equivalent to the ability to provide. That is why, even if there is concrete evidence to the divergent in the form of a tax return, the woman is hardwired to prefer the lineman over the computer geek.

So, the prime piece of relationship advice for men is to picture out what women necessitate from an evolutionary point of view and bestow it to her.

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