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How to Squeeze Fitness into Your Busy Life

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Many adults find it to be extremely difficult to maintain a toned body and a healthy lifestyle while running their own hectic lives. Whether you're the mom with three children trying to keep a house in order, or the marketing executive who has four projects due at the end of the week, time management is always an issue.

There's also the issue of trying to find the right activity or regiment that will actually end up helping in the long run with the little chunk of time that you dug out of your schedule. It's also a hassle to keep up with good nutrition that will keep all of the hard work from being lost. Here are some suggestions on how you can integrate good health and well-being into your life.

1. Sneak in sleep! For the average person, every so often four to six hours of sleep is all you can afford. My suggestion is this: If you wake up first thing in the morning, don't roll over and go back for a few extra minutes of sleep. Your body knows that this is the best time for it to wake up and a few extra minutes might end up making you cranky.

2. Move! Try to take advantage of this block of time to get some aerobic exercises in to get the blood pumping to wake up more refreshed and alert. Unless time really is crunched badly for you, take the stairs to and from your floor at work, and take the kids out for a walk to the park with you. Break up and space out the little bits of time that you have if grouping it all together is impossible. It will help carry you through the day better than nothing at all.

3. Do what's fun. A proper regiment is one that should best suit the needs of the individual involved. If you're on the look out for weight training, contact a fitness trainer at the gym who would know what tools and reps you will need to achieve your goals. Looking for flexibility and aerobics? Try basketball. It's a sport that promotes a good cardiovascular workout while helping to stretch and stimulate muscles into better coordination. It also promotes stress relief as you develop new friends to vent to while playing.

4. Eat well. Eating right plays a big part in maintaining your health, as some foods actually block weight loss or gaining better musculature, despite being wholesome. Talk to your doctor about what foods are best for your fitness goals before altering your existent diet. Packing your own lunch for work is a good option, because it keeps temptation away from vendor snacks and ordering take-out while being more cost efficient.

Despite the existent myth that whey or soy protein shakes(without creatine) make you bulk up, they actually supply you with almost all of the amino acids that your body will need to build up healthier muscle. It helps quite a bit if you can't always get the vegetables and proper protein needed for better body development.

There will always be an opportunity, even a small one, to find better health in your day to day life. Even if your responsibilities seem to get in the way, make them work so that you are improving your health while accomplishing tasks. Find a group of like-minded individuals to play a few hoops to lighten your day. Always plan your meals in advance and bring along a backup in case of schedule failure or hunger issues. Hopefully these suggestions will benefit you and make your life a bit more wholesome.

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