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1: NFL Super Bowl 44 Miami FL
13 years ago, in the year of 1997, the Dolphin Stadium hosted several football events. They hosted two world series, and four Super Bowls.

2: What punters can learn from The Beatles, Hendrix, Gates and Obama
Hear people say about success and learn how they achieve it.

3: Skiing and Snowboarding in the Pyrenees
The Pyrenees is not the first place anyone thinks of if they are thinking about their next skiing vacation.

4: Freedom materialised by machine.
Motor biking can offer joys that no other hobby or sport can. Riding a motorcycle can help one escape the outside world, and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery around them. As opposed to being inside

5: Arnold Palmer - The Man From Latrobe
Born in Latrobe, PA, Arnold D. Palmer is widely thought to be one of the best golfers ever to play the game. Palmer has been the winner of a number of PGA Tours in addition to the Champions Tour since his first big tournament win in 1955. Palmer is simply known as "The King" among many fans and players alike and has achieved worldwide fame. He is acknowledged, along with Gary Player and Jack Nickaus as one of the Big Three in the game. With the advent of televised golf matches in the 1950's, Palmer's playing which led to a growing interest in the sport.

6: What You Need To Know About Buying Used Go Karts
Go kart racing is an extremely popular motor sport, and is often used as a stepping-stone to more professional racing. Almost anyone can join in, with many people choosing to buy their own go karts instead of hiring them. And, with everyone looking to save a few dollars, more and more people are deciding to buy used go karts - a very wise move!

7: Get the Most from Your Bike
More than a few people have joined the ranks of cycling enthusiasts and become backyard bike riders. Using your bike, instead of your car, has become a very trendy way to travel. There are so many benefits to riding your bike, even casually, that recent surge in popularity is not surprising.

8: Which Sunglasses Are Best For Which Sports?
People often decide on which sunglasses they should buy depending on the price, convenience or fashion. Many will buy cheaper sunglasses at High Street stores but there is also a high proportion of people who prefer to buy one of the many designer brands such as Oakley, Dolce and Gabbana, Bloc, Bolle, Armani, Quiksilver, Spy and Electric sunglasses to name but a few! In any case, you should also consider the primary reason why you are buying new sunglasses in the first place.

9: Ice Hockey Penalties For Dummies
The rules of hockey allow for many different types of penalties. Of course, any game that has blood in the rule book will probably require the intervention of the referees on a regular basis.

10: Get the information about how to choose baseball bat
The baseball bat has been around for a very long time. It is to be expected then, that like other pieces of sporting equipment, the baseball bat has evolved over time to take its present form.

11: Lance Armstrong - Return To The Cycling World
Legendary Lance Armstrong is back on his bike, competitively speaking. The legendary professional road-racing cyclist recently announced his intention to race in 2009. He's already hard at work prepa

12: Know What to Wear - a Wetsuit or a Drysuit
Wetsuits and drysuits are important garments in waters sports and for those working in cold and icy waters.

13: The NBA, the fans and the gear
Has anyone else noticed how much more attention the NBA is getting? The popularity of the games are noted in part by the fact that NBA sports gear flies off of the shelf and racks as soon as it is put there! What used to be primarily a NFL or MLB gig has now become an NBA niche too. There are more commercials with past and present NBA celebs (and they are usually hilarious!) There are more home hosted NBA parties, which also used to be fairly reserved for Baseball and Football.

14: Skiing in Zell Am See, Austria
The first time I visited Zell am See I was actually staying at a small town further north going back towards Saltzburg called Lofer bie Martin.

15: Yankee Stadium New
Opening day for the new Yankee Stadium is not too far away now; while for eager fans, it may seem like an eternity, Spring 2009 will soon be upon us and fans will be able to see and experience the latest chapter in Yankees history for themselves. While there are some who are of the opinion that with the old stadium an important piece of New York history will be lost; and indeed Yankee Stadium has seen a lot of changes in the South Bronx in the last 86 years, the new stadium promises to be something which fans new and old alike will enjoy. The new $1.3 billion Yankee Stadium will be a worthy addition to the Yankees and to the up and coming South Bronx.

16: Taking Care To Play Paintball Safely
Some may consider this statement as a bold one regarding the sport of paintball but I should start with this first statement. Paintball has been categorized as an "extreme" sport but it is one of the safest sports currently played today. I agree that the game is extreme because it is intense but safe because people are careful.

17: Ice Hockey Sticks - Pros And Cons Of Composite Versus Wooden Hockey Sticks
Wood hockey sticks have been the tool of choice for many generations of ice hockey players, but that is changing. Composite hockey sticks have been penetrating every level of hockey from the NHL all the way to first year hockey players just starting out. At the NHL level composite hockey sticks are use by almost 100% of all players. Does that mean that you should be using a composite hockey stick too? As you will see, there are good reasons to go with either choice.

18: For Maximum Fitness, Learn to Box
Getting into a boxing training program will not only improve your overall health; it will give you a physically fit body too. It is one of today's best programs to have a strong body, develop agility and gain self-confidence. Boxing workouts will also tone all of your body muscles too.

19: Get The Right ATV Tire The First Time
If it is one thing that new owners of ATVs fail to think about if purchasing their off road machines, it is the tires. They usually begin to think about them if they wear out or if they're stranded on a trail somewhere after their tire leaves them in a bind. ATV tires aren't cheap, so picking the right tires for the job becomes a bigger challenge than normal.

20: What goes into a good Dive Watch
No matter what your favorite outdoor activity is, there's a sports watch or dive watch to wear while you're enjoying it. Sports-specific watches have become as popular as the beer guy during the seventh-inning stretch. Hockey players can keep track of the three 20-minute periods in their games with their very own hockey watch (from Tissot).

21: Larry Bird Basketball
Born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Larry Joe Bird was raised in the nearby community of French Lick. Even as a youth it was apparent that Bird had an incredible talent of the game of basketball, being the all-time scoring leader at Springs Valley High School. His record in high school won him a basketball scholarship to the University of Indiana.

22: A First Timer's Guide to Family Tent Buying!
There are many things you need to know if this is the first time you are considering to buy a tent for your first camping adventure. Tent camping can be the most rewarding and relaxing adventure you can do this summer.

23: How to Squeeze Fitness into Your Busy Life
Many adults find it to be extremely difficult to maintain a toned body and a healthy lifestyle while running their own hectic lives. Whether you're the mom with three children trying to keep a house in order, or the marketing executive who has four projects due at the end of the week, time management is always an issue.

24: How To Choose The Right Sleeping Bag
The technology behind sleeping bags today has sure improved upon the old cowboy bedroll idea. These you can stay warm in the coldest of circumstances using some high tech designs and materials. Here are some ideas to help you buy the right sleeping bag:

25: The Old Shea Stadium
By the time the old Shea Stadium said goodbye, it had been in existence for 44 years. Thinking back, it is hard to imagine that at one point in the history of baseball, the Mets were an expansion team some sixty years after their cross-town American League rivals first took the field. Oh, and for all you informational buffs out there the stadium was originally called the Flushing Meadow Park Municipal Stadium.

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