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Know What to Wear - a Wetsuit or a Drysuit

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Wetsuits and drysuits are important garments in waters sports and for those working in cold and icy waters.

Wetsuits are made of Neoprene that maintains body heat of the wearer if submerged or near cold waters. This piece of garment works letting a modest amount of water into the suit from the openings on the neck, arms and legs. This layer of water is responsible then in preserving body heat.

A drysuit is also an important garment for those who love water sports or those who work in and near cold waters, but drysuits keep you dry and thus you can wear some warm clothes under it. Unlike wetsuits, drysuits are totally sealed in the neck and the openings on the arms and legs so that no water will enter the suit. To sum up, here are the differences between a wetsuit and a drysuit.


Drysuits are made of nylon or a combination of nylon and rubber or foam neoprene. Wetsuits on the other hand are made of a very flexible rubber, Neoprene.

How these suits work

Wetsuits have openings on the neck, arms and legs which allow water to enter the suit. Aside from these amount of water that will settle between your body and the suit, no other water is allowed to seep into the suit, because this layer of water inside the suit will then prevent the loss of body heat.

Drysuits on the other hand are totally sealed and prevent water from entering the suit. With this, it keeps the wearer dry and warm. Drysuits also allow you to use warm clothes underneath to add to the warmth. Drysuits are not snugly fit so additional clothing can be worn under.

What to use

One determinant on what to use between the two is the temperature. Drysuits are usually worn at temperatures ranging from 60 degrees and below. In any case, drysuits are advisable to be worn in temperatures above 60 if the wearer wants to stay longer in the water or if wetsuits are not giving you enough warmth.

Wetsuits are worn in temperatures higher than 60 but you can also choose to wear a combination of drysuits and wetsuits in these temperatures.


Drysuits cost usually higher than wetsuits because they are more durable. They also provide more warmth for prolonged stay in the water than wetsuits.

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