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ground breakingophthalmic instruments

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If it is a device required for the eye, it has to be from Haag-Streit, who has been at the forefront of making the best available for a long time. Medical experts and particularly those in ophthalmology recognize Haag-Streit as the last word as far as quality of ophthalmic gadgets is concerned for the past half a century.Haag-Streit develops and manufactures sophisticated diagnostic equipment possessing the best utilitarian and accurate specifications due to their long tenure in this field.

About Website

The website of Haag-Streit itself has a very corporate and sales oriented look about it with the objective being lead generation. A lot of product specifications apart from what Haag-Streit are offering to the Ophthalmology, ENT fields in overall terms forms the theme of the website, making it convenient for the visitor to pick his choice.

Ophthalmic Products

Very strong procedure chairs, supports for holding instruments and lighting facilities make up a part of the Haag-Streit range of ophthalmic gear. Customers can get ophthalmic gear like chairs fully customized to their wants like full power or those that can be modified and there are models suiting every price band The dual functional chairs can be turned at the base to about 330 degrees promoting efficiency and have adequate support at the arms and feet to ensure solidity.

Customers have their operational and economic issues covered with the Haag-Streit ophthalmic chairs which are ready for operation from both sides and consist of hand made fire retardant pads which don't lose shape over time, thanks to the polyurethane content in the foam. Convenience and efficiency marks the range of room lighting products that Haag-Streit provides with adjustable controls and built in commands to suit any room lighting requirement. Customers will not face problems if they mount the room lighting of Haag-Streit since there are no wires to contend with and they can have the lighting of their choice through either the control panel or the motion of an instrument, possible because of the ultra tech electronic sensors installed in the panels.

ENT Products

The construction of the ENT exam stools of Haag-Streit ensures its sturdiness and the five legs provided for greater firmness is very reassuring for patients. Haag-Streit exam stools for Otolaryngology come with epoxy enamel at the base, have casters for easy mobility and are finished with chrome plated steel in the exposed areas.

You cannot find anything better than the Haag-Streit range of products for ophthalmic instruments and Otolaryngology use.

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