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There's a dizzying range of hot TVs out there. So who has the top-quality TVs? Having experienced at the work of several holders over the past six months, here's a record of the brand names that you can assure if getting a new television.

5. Panasonic Panasonic one of the high lights in the Television line, but the competition at the top is getting harder all the time. Nonetheless, Panasonic's image for making posh, big-screen HDTVs remains intact - the TH-42PZ85 and TH-50PZ81 Viera examples are two of its top-quality.

Of course, Panasonic could lie on its honors. Its Viera models are already acclaimed for their video quality, burnished up by its V-real 3 Pro and Intelligent Frame Creation technologies. But if the Z1 neo-PDP HDTV established at CES is any mote, Panasonic's plasmas are only working to get fresher.

4. Sony Similar with a Stella Artois, theaverage Sony Bravia is assuringly expensive. In the ongoing generation, HDTVs like the Sony Bravia KDL-32V4000, KDL-37V4000 and whopping terrific KDL-55X4500 have garnered rave critical reviews. And Sony isn't about to end boosting the technology envelope.

Sony was the starting Television maker to present 200Hz processing and it is already directing the charge into commercial OLED displays with the high-priced 11-inch XEL-1 TV. Sony just announced its 2009 Bravia line-up, which takes in Bravia Engine 3 photo processing, DLNA-friendly media streaming and Internet connectivity.

3. Samsung Samsung is the UK's greatest-selling Television manufacturing business. Its HDTVs like the LE40LB651 and LE46A786 are competitively priced, well-specified and cleverly-designed with a 'Touch of Colour'.

What does the next years hold? Samsung has invested heavily in LED technology and it plans to follow Sony into commercialising OLED. Like other producers, it also desires that hot, trimmer designs, 200Hz refresh rates and its Internet@TV feature (I.e. Internet widgets) will influence purchasers into Television raises.

2. Philips Philips might sell fewer HDTVs than Samsung, but it keeps an preferable dedication to quality. The 32PFL9613D and 42PFL9903D models might be high-priced, but they're designed superbly, boasting 100Hz movie shaping and Perfect Pixel HD for fantastically sharp, perfect photo.

You could debate that Philips is too 'experimental' for its own good. Ambilight is an interesting feature, but Philips made it real far with the distracting lightframe border on its Aurea models. In conditions of foundation, it will be fascinating to look where Philips gets to with its 3DTV technology - its prototype autostereoscopic sets could display 3D figures without forcing the watcher to get 3D glasses.

1. Pioneer It ought come as no shock that Pioneer takes hold of the top spot in this list. You'll be having a hard time to discover a negative of high-end plasmas like the Kuro KRP-500A and the PDP-LX5090. The image quality is fabulously worth and the deep, almost inky-blacks put LCD backlighting to shame.

Despite its pricey job model and class-leading PDP technology, Pioneer had a big loss of $1.44 billion the previous year. Consequently, its TV business organization is no longer alive and it will leave it by March 2010 to centralize on automobile electronics, navigation and audio A/V products.

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